Almond butter and fro-yo

Cleaning and teaching were the order of this afternoon. Days when I am able to teach from my apartment far surpass those when hours of sitting on the bus or subway is necessary. Tonight was a curry night. In retrospect, it was much too muggy in my apartment for curry cooking. Despite the heat, I adapted the recipe a bit, and it turned out great. The right amount of spice; a hint of cinnamon; the freshness and zest of cilantro and lime.


Check out the recipe here.

Back to my experimentation with nuts, almond butter is appearing daily in many food blogs out there. I can munch on raw almonds as long as they are combined with a big mouthful of dried fruit. Determined to try this popular treat, I’ve been poking around at different grocery stores checking out almond butter prices. The current prices are steep, so to save a little green, I purchased almonds in bulk, roasted them up, and tried to create my own vanilla almond butter. The texture is nice, and I like the flavor, but I don’t have the proportions perfect yet. Once I figure that out, I’ll post the recipe.


James and I have been looking forward to a special after dinner treat all day. Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt chain, was giving away free small cups of their newest summer flavors along with two toppings of your choice. The store itself is more than slightly annoying, and I try to distance myself from this new, up and coming fro-yo culture (you’ll see what I mean if you visit the website). Appearing nonchalant, my response to the mention of Pinkberry is often a passive, “yeah, that stuff’s okay… I’ve tried it before.” But I actually love the stuff. Don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret.

Here is the line of people waiting for their fix:


We were happy that we had umbrellas in hand. Here is the ominous sky with black clouds rolling in. It looks like I may have managed to capture just how windy it was as well. Wind can be a tricky element to photograph.


Anticipating a huge storm, we noticed the books in the window of a children’s bookstore were all about rain. It must be a sign, or perhaps just a tribute to our streak of rainy weather.


And the downpour begins. This is the line now expanded by soggy umbrellas:


Finally, success! Shaking away the rain water, we had made it through the brightly lit front doors. Rubbing our eyes while they adjusted to the contrast of bright whites and neon hues, we were bombarded by Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” The two flavors being served were Passion fruit and Coconut. James tried the former and I tried the latter. Just the right amount of coconut flavor and sourness from the yogurt. James isn’t the biggest fan of the fro-yo, and he was happy that the Passion fruit flavor was so strong. My toppings were mini chocolate chips and raspberries.


James left immediately after we finished eating to do some fieldwork in Jackson Heights. Not feeling much like walking home by myself in the rain, I hopped on a bus.

Tomorrow I’m off to Boston for a good friend’s bachelorette party. Look forward to a guest post from James.


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