Party and Picnic

What a weekend. One of my closest friends from high school is getting married next weekend, so I spent yesterday in Boston for her bachelorette party. We also have another friend getting married later this year, and we decided to make it a double bachelorette party. Of course they got all dressed up.

Dinner was at a place in Faneuil Hall called Dick’s Last Resort. Apparently this is a theme restaurant; the theme being that the waiters and waitresses are supposed to be jerks and say whatever is on their minds. Here, they are actually allowed to say the many things left unsaid by waiters at other restaurants. It was interesting to say the least. There was also a disappointing lack of anything vegetarian; forget vegan! My last hope was that they would have a salad for me to order. But no, the only vegetarian product on the menu was a basket of cheese sticks.


At least the company was good, and we all had many good laughs. Here are the girls enjoying their custom made hats:


After dinner, we trekked back to the hotel to get spiffed up for a night on the town. We decided on a club called Venu. At a $20 cover and expensive drink options, I was happy that the DJ was so much fun. We had a blast dancing, and the two bachelorettes were even “brave” enough to dance on the floor-lit runway. Just before bars closed, we went next door to a place called Sweetwater Cafe for one last drink. It was definitely a night of indulgence, but I guess that’s what a bachelorette party is for!

When I arrived back in NYC today, the first thing that James said to me was, “Wait until you see all of the food I made!” I guess that he had fun while I was gone! You saw his post about Gazpacho, but I also came home to black olive hummus and fresh squeezed lemonade.

Here’s the hummus ingredients:


The lemonade ingredients:


And the final products:


James also took some photos of the smoothie that he made earlier in the day. He’s been busy!



I was exhausted from sitting on the bus, and my legs needed to move around a bit, so we walked over to the park for a mini picnic dinner, using all of Jame’s creations and a couple of nice whole wheat roles.




This food tasted so good and made my body feel so much better after the abuses I put it through in Boston. It was a fun weekend though. Tomorrow it’s back to the gym!


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