Before heading out to teach today, I took the time to make myself a refreshing lunch that would hold me over until dinner. I spread a generous glob of our black olive hummus onto two pieces of Rudi’s Wheat & Oat bread, added 2 slices of tomato, a few slices of cucumber, and a mess of alfalfa sprouts.


Along with a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade:


My goal was to prevent a grumbling stomach while teaching the kiddos, so a few minutes after finishing my sandwich I had a few scoops of gazpacho. There is still a big orange bowl of the stuff in our fridge, so I’m sure that it will be popping up in my posts for a while.

I teach three amazing students this afternoon. They are perfect little violin players, and I can already tell that they will have the intense violin player personality to match. The bread I mentioned in an earlier post was supposed to be made when I got home, but I decided to practice viola for a wedding that I am playing in this weekend. Neither James nor I had the energy to make dinner tonight. What did two hungry freegans decide to eat?

A gigantic slice of pizza of course!


Koronet Pizza on Broadway and 111th serves the biggest slices of pizza possible. Shortly after this picture was taken, I folded my slice in half for optimal consumption. It is always funny to watch first timers innocently order two slices. Their eyes bulge and their mouths drop, followed by a shocked exclamation. We rolled ourselves out of the pizza joint and headed down the street to Westside Market to pick up some fruit and veggies. It was a small shopping trip. We only needed enough food to make it until we leave for Vermont on Thursday.

My workout must have been a bit too enthusiastic today. I’m suffering from some intense lower back pain. Hopefully yoga, ice, tea, and bed will solve the problem.


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