Zucchini, Figs, Asparagus

I still have more vacation posting to do, but I won’t let that stop me from a current update.

Zucchini bread and I have a rocky relationship. I could eat a whole loaf in one sitting if given the opportunity, but every time I bake it myself, something goes wrong. Not being a trained or even a very experienced baker does not stop me from altering ingredients. My limited knowledge of the chemical reactions that take place during the baking process more often than not leads to disaster. In the past I have substituted apple sauce for oil and honey for sugar in an attempt to make a healthier Zucchini bread. The result is usually a gooey mess that at least tastes good.

Flipping through The Joy of Vegan Baking, I discovered a recipe for this most beloved bread that allowed me to use apple sauce rather than oil, flax seed rather than egg replacer, and a reduced amount of sugar. I did not alter the recipe even a little bit, and the bread is perfect. I think that I’m already up to three pieces.



Moving on to dinner… Fresh figs are highly perishable, so I needed to use mine up as soon as possible. Deciding to make goat cheese stuffed figs, I called James and asked him to bring home a little bit of goat cheese on his way home from work.

Here is my recipe:

Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs

  • Wash figs and cut off the stems
  • Making sure not to cut all the way through, make a small cut across the figs horizontally and a second cut vertically
  • Use your thumb to make some room in each fig for the goat cheese
  • Press goat cheese into the figs
  • Pop them into a pre-heated broiler for 3 minutes

DSC_0015Cut and waiting for goat cheese

To go along with the figs, I prepared grilled asparagus.

Grilled Asparagus

  • Cut off the tough part of the asparagus stems
  • Put asparagus in a ziploc bag
  • Add olive oil, lime juice, and a small amount of salt to bag with asparagus
  • Shake bag to coat
  • Let sit for at least ten minutes
  • Grill (I use a stove top grill pan) until asparagus reaches preferred level of done-ness (I like mine to still be slightly crisp)



Of course the salty and sweet stuffed figs were delicious. It was the asparagus that shocked me. The zesty lime flavor jumped out right away, and the olive oil provided a buttery finish. This will definitely be a new staple in my diet.

Tomorrow Vermont posts continue.


2 responses to “Zucchini, Figs, Asparagus

  1. where do I find figs in vt?

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