Wine and Creemees

We woke up last Sunday morning to this:


Baby Kitty is almost 20 years old and suffering from dementia. She currently believes that she is a dog. She sleeps with the dogs, eats with the dogs, and drinks with the dogs. Maybe she likes how warm they are? Or their fragrance?

Our final full day in Vermont was a day of indulgence.

My mom, James, and I met my sister, Gaelen, in Burlington for lunch at Three Tomatoes Trattoria. Originally this restaurant was known as Sweet Tomatoes, but there was some copyright dispute with a restaurant in California, and they were required to change the name. Finally, after a month filled with nothing but rain, the sun was shining and the tempature was comfortable. We decided to sit outside to allow our skin to soak up copious amounts of vitamin D.

Lunch began with a cool, tall glass of unsweetened iced tea.


After flipping through the menu, I decided on the soup, salad, 1/2 panini special. The salad was your standard garden salad with a tasty balsamic dressing. Deciding that creamy tomato basil soup would be to heavy for such a beautiful sunny day, I opted for a cup of minestrone soup garnished with pesto. Wrong choice. The soup was bland, and the flavor and texture of the pesto did not mix well. (notice the iPhone shadow hover over the soup bowl, proving that the day was indeed sunny)



I ordered the caprese panini with tomato, basil, and mozzarella. You can’t really go wrong with that combination, but the bread was way too salty… you can actually see the salt on the bread.


Our next destination was the Shelburne Vineyard. The Vineyard has been around for a while but they just built a new barn and tasting room that I have been wanting to visit for a while. It was only $2 to try all of the wines on their tasting list. The white wines were great for the most part. Of course, like most vineyards in the Northeast they had a wine using Cayuga grapes developed at Cornell University. The Red wines were nothing special and the tannin flavors were just too bitter.

After our tasting, we were given a small tour of the barn where the wine making takes place.


This machine is responsible for smooshing the grapes. Contrary to popular belief, the grapes are not squished by the stomping feet of small french children.


The wines age in either giant steel vats or french made oak barrels.




When the wine is ready to be bottled, it is run through an assembly line machine manned by 5 people.



Agreeing that we all needed just a little bit more vitamin D, we each ordered a glass of our favorite wine from the day, and sat outside sipping and enjoying our view of the vineyard.

From this:


To this:


Our journey home involved one mission and one mission only. Find and consume a maple creemee (in Vermont we refer to soft serve ice cream as creemees). We stopped at a local creemee stand that my mom knew of on route 7 in Milton.


Even with 100 flavors, my choice was easy. Vermont Maple. Perfection.


When we finally arrived home, James and I did some speed packing. My dad, who had been very busy working all week, had agreed to take us out to dinner before we departed the next morning. We went to what is arguably his favorite restaurant in St. Albans, Mimmo’s Pizzaria. We’ve been eating there for as long as I can remember… my dad goes skiing with the owner, and James and I had our rehearsal dinner here for our wedding. After a day full of indulgences, I somehow still had room for this fresh tomato and spinach pizza bread.


Our vacation in Vermont was a welcome relief from the hectic life of New York City. However, there was something slightly ironic about this trip. I have been focusing so much on the difficulties of finding healthy balance in a city of excess, that I forgot just how challenging a healthy lifestyle can be anywhere! The foods that I consumed this past weekend were all comfort foods that remind me of Vermont summers and growing up. I allowed myself to get carried away thinking things like, “I’m not here that often, I might as well enjoy!” Next time I hope to practice a bit more restraint in the form of portion control and moderation. On the ride back to NYC, all of these indulgences caught up with me. It was a painful 6 + hours! Luckily we were able to stop at a small farm stand in Brandon and pick up a few healthy snacks.


I am happy to say that I am back on track in the city and feeling great.

If you haven’t already, check out Caitlin‘s post on protein intake. It’s the perfect information for a vegan faced with the all too common question, “So, how do you get enough protein?”


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