AB and J

Mixing the creamy almond butter with a stainless steel knife, I scooped out a big glob and let it fall onto a piece of whole grain bread. I carefully folded the bread in half, making sure that the corners were aligned, just as if I had been folding a crisp white sheet of paper. Alternating sticky bites of my pre-workout snack with big gulps of ice water, I prepared myself for my morning run. Lately I have felt dehydrated while running. The plan was to drink water immediately when I woke up instead of waiting until the few minutes before I set out. Apparently it takes 1 hour for water to begin to reach your muscles (See post on fueling before and after exercise at Oh She Glows). Whether this really worked, or I fell victim to the placebo effect, all I can say is that I felt much better on my run today. I had more energy, and I moved faster despite some slight knee pain.

At the gym I focused on leg strengthening:

  • Hip abduction: 12 x 2 at 70 lbs
  • Hip adduction: 12 x 2 at 90 lbs
  • Leg extension: 12 x 2 at 50 lbs
  • Hamstring curls: 12 x 2 at 50 lbs

And back and shoulders:

  • Seated Row: 12 x 2 at 55 lbs
  • Side Shoulder Raise: 10 x 2 at 15 lbs

Continuing on with my yogurt and oatmeal obsession, I made a breakfast of Trader Joe’s steel cut oats, Silk plain soy yogurt, blueberries, and ground flaxseed.


James and I split the last of the zucchini bread for a mid-morning snack before he headed off to work. My lunch was an almond butter and jelly sandwich. I finally found an almond butter that I can sort of afford. Bazzini Raw Almond Butter. (I need to get a tripod for my camera so that I can adjust the f stop)


The Jelly came from the farm stand we stopped at in Vermont.


And the finished product, which tasted great, but doesn’t look that exciting:


Craving vegetables, I threw whatever was in the fridge into my wok, added a little olive oil, lime juice, and chipotle powder. Tempeh, zucchini, baby broccoli, tomatoes. I cooked the tempeh for a bit first, and then added the veg.


I cooked it just long enough for the vegetables to retain some of their crunch. Still feeling hungry after dinner and craving something sweet, my desert was M & Ms.

Tomorrow I am taking a break from running to rest my knees. I don’t know why they hurt today, but I want to prevent any long-term injuries. I also need to use up some more of the vegetables in the fridge, including some tomatillos… maybe salsa verde?


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