Wine Schmine

A full afternoon of teaching=an empty stomach. Hunger burning, I set to work on pasta with broccoli and avocado. James chopped up the broccoli and just ripened avocado, while I prepared the pasta and the sauce. Whole wheat fettuccine served as the core of this meal. The savory sauce contained olive oil, red pepper flakes, white wine, veg broth, lime juice, and a dash of salt and pepper. The greens of broccoli and avocado were tossed into the mix. Tangy and spicy, creamy but light, this was a great meal for a summer evening.


On the side I had one piece of whole wheat naan dipped in my favorite Trader Joe’s original (tahini free) hummus. I always feel bad buying hummus when it is so simple to make, but this stuff is just too good to resist.



Who needs a glass of wine with dinner when you can have grape soda?


Fizzy Lizzy is my favorite brand of sparkling juice. I feel like this is the slightly more adult version of grape soda. With all sugars coming from fruit juice, and a minimal ingredients list, I hardly feel guilty having one of these with dinner.


  • Triple-filtered carbonated water
  • concord grape juice concentrate
  • white grape juice concentrate
  • natural flavor
  • vitamin c

A big bowl of cherries for desert.


After a long Monday, I’m ready to turn on the fan, fluff my pillow, and fall asleep.


2 responses to “Wine Schmine

  1. I wonder about a spinach creemie.I will try the pasta dish

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