The mind is a very powerful thing. So powerful in fact, that it talked me out of an early morning run. Blueberry cornmeal pancakes replaced my usual workout.


I made these vegan pancakes from scratch and topped them with blackberries and soy yogurt. Feeling slightly guilty about taking the morning off, I fit in a quick yoga workout, and then headed to work on my computer.

The huge plate of pancakes kept me full until early this afternoon. Feeling up for a walk, James and I headed over to Subconscious to grab a couple of sandwiches (I love sandwiches). We took our lunch over to the top of Morningside park for a mini picnic.


Sitting on level with the green leafy tops of the park trees, we only caught glimpses of the city below. A robin, a pigeon, and a couple of house sparrows joined us for lunch, snacking on a few pieces of fried chicken that a previous diner had left behind. If only those poor birds knew what they were eating…

To wash lunch down, I had unsweetened green tea.


My Green Monster for today was fantastic.


I used spinach, soy yogurt, soy milk, and one peach. This version had very little added sugar (only a small amount from the plain yogurt), and the peach made it just sweet enough.

As long as it’s not too stormy, I’m planning a run for this evening. The Coney Island trip had to be moved to tomorrow.


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