Evening run

We all make promises to ourselves. In the morning, with sleep only moments behind us, empty promises are easy. I skipped running this morning vowing that I would keep my promise to run after my final lesson.

Breakfast was a big bowl of 5 grain oatmeal with yogurt, blueberries, blackberries and a scoop of almond butter (it’s an addiction). After spending some time staring at the computer, I rinsed off some cherries and ate a bowl full. I don’t know what I’ll snack on when cherries are not in season anymore.

Lunch was weird. I did not want to cook. My alternative was a second breakfast. I had two slices of greenmarket bread with almond butter…


And a bowl of puffed wheat with yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, and *more* almond butter. Doesn’t that sound familiar?


A few weeks ago, I thought that I hated all nuts. The flavor, the texture, they way they get stuck in your back teeth. Now, I can’t stop eating almonds. There are worse things that I could be addicted to.

After a few hours of teaching, The moment of truth arrived. The final lesson ended. I was free. I could just stay home, cook, read, etc. But thinking back to Thursday, when I backed out on my promise to run in the evening, staying home was not an option. I threw on my running clothes and headed out into the golden fading sunlight. Planning on making this a long run, I ran 100 blocks and 5.2 miles! A new personal record. When I got home, I immediately started stretching to reduce any future soreness.

James was so impressed by how far I ran that he agreed to make dinner tonight. We had quinoa, bean, and red onion salad. The quinoa and beans were soaked in a simple homemade dressing before being scooped onto a bed of lettuce.


Both James and I had seconds. Dessert was a few pieces of pineapple that had been chopped up the other day.


Happy that running today was a promise kept, the rest of my night will be spent relaxing, reading, and falling asleep.


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