The Promised Land

We both rose with the alarm. The day ahead would test our strength and durability. Our bodies and minds would be put through great trials. Hunting for deals and foraging for quality items, yesterday was a day of consumerism. I started the day at a slight disadvantage due to the absence of soy yogurt. Apple sauce would have to suffice.


Flavor – fine. Texture – not so fine. Sensitive to texture, the combination of chewy oats with baby-food consistency apple sauce was enough to expunge this addition from the morning repertoire.

New York City is expensive. Essentials such as toilet paper and garbage bags can really run up a bill and push us over into the red. To combat this problem, James and I take a super shopping trip to the promised land of New Jersey every few months. We have Zip car, so we get a car, cross the Hudson, and spend hours racing from store to store. Many people are born with the sort of shopping stamina that I can only dream of. Two, maybe three, stores, and I am tired, irritable, sick of people, and ready to go home. There is no end to my complaining. James on the other hand is a shopping robot.

Knowing how many stops that he had to make, James left me at home for the first half of the day, which was fine by me. My time was spent eating cherries and getting my hair cut.


Relaxing for 45 minutes in the cushy barber’s chair was hard work and called for immediate refuling when I arrived back at the apartment. I made myself a leftover salad sandwich for lunch. Doesn’t that sound appetizing? The inspiration came from a trip to Ireland after I graduated college. Ireland isn’t the most veg friendly place in the world, and when James and I ordered sandwiches with no meat or cheese, they referred to them as salad sandwiches.


James came home around 3, and it took us many trips from car to elevator to apartment to unload the goods. Our apartment is still full of lonely, disoriented items looking for a home.



James has a tupperwear problem. I warned him not to come home with anymore containers, but he just couldn’t help himself. Add this to our collection of around 20.


He did get me a present though. A salad spinner!


9 1/2 cups of almonds. The future is full of almond butter and cookies.


A few close ups of the purchases.





After quickly putting away the cold items (not pictured above), we set off in the Zip Car to the Woodbury Outlets. These outlet stores are about 1 hr north of the city. While you can make the trip a bit faster by taking I-87, James and I stayed on the Palisades Pkwy for superior scenery. Under the influence of Kraftwerk, a mini dance party ensued. Oh, and we split this on the way:


Like I said, shopping is hard work. After visiting a few stores and trying on too many clothes, we broke for dinner. James had a tofu salad, and I had a veg burrito.




Prices here are definitely better than in the city. I found some clothes for work, along with running gear…


…and swimsuits!


(two bottoms are not pictured). That many swimsuits may seem decadent, but guess how much they cost? Between $1.97 and $5.00! With a trip to Cape Cod coming up, how could I resist?

The real star of the evening was this:



Waffles will be made tomorrow morning.

Before moving to NYC, James and I owned a Volkswagen Golf. Our Zip car was a newer VW Rabbit, so I could not resist taking an iPhone shot of the blue dash on our way home. It made me miss our old VW, Edwin.


Thus concludes our surrender to consumerism. Let the recovery process begin!


2 responses to “The Promised Land

  1. That salad sandwich reminds me of this thing called a salad pizza, I use to eat back in high school. Its pretty much a salad with Italian dressing on pizza crust.
    Tips to the city can take a lot out of you, but I do feed off that places energy. It’s also always worth it all when you score such great stuff! Love the waffle maker!

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