Finally Waffles

Today marked the maiden voyage of my brand new waffle iron. The Joy of Vegan Baking is my all time favorite cookbook, and I finally got to test out the flaxseed waffle recipe. Of course, taking its time to test the water, the waffle iron’s first attempt was aesthetically displeasing. I was not let down again. Here is a stack of 5 perfect waffles.


I topped my waffle with a small amount of maple syrup, soy yogurt, and berries. Of course this is only waffle no. 1 of 2.5!


Braving 125th st on a Saturday, I set out to run a few errands. This always takes longer than it should, so by the time I returned to the apartment, I was craving a Green Monster. Soy yogurt has been restocked!


This GM contains plain soy yogurt, spinach, flaxseed, almond milk, and 1 whole peach. I always peel my peach because I don’t like the little bits of peach skin that get stuck in my teeth after the smoothie is mixed.

A cluster of red potatoes have been sitting on our counter for weeks. Growing eyes and begging to be used, I gave in and made the most summery dish you can make with potatoes–potato salad. The recipe came from Veganomicon and used my favorite spice, turmeric. That is why the potatoes in the picture (slathered in veganaise) appear egglike.


I brought the now happy salafied potatoes to James at work, and hung out with him while I caught up with emails. A pomegranate soda and a square of chocolate helped get the task done.



We gave into our pizza craving at dinner and ordered a pizza with no cheese. I cut up some olives for a topping and put pineapple on my half.


A funny thing about the pineapple: When I moved it from the counter earlier today, 20 red-eyed little fruit flies zoomed away. This is a problem. James set up a trap tonight, and I’m crossing my fingers that it works.


A wine bottle with vinegar in the bottom. The idea is that the fruit flies will crawl down the funnel into the bottle and become trapped. I’ll leave it out all night and let you know how it goes! Any suggestions?


One response to “Finally Waffles

  1. I made blueberry pancakes from the bushes by the swimming pool.How yummy but gaelen wanted a bagel from dd.I made a peach,blueberry and raspberry cobbler.Oh it was so good from Arthur’s baking cookbook…

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