Spaghetti Legs

As if a crazy shopping trip didn’t wear me out enough, last night at around 11:30 I completed a core yoga class from Yoga Download. That put me right to sleep, and I woke up early this morning for a run. New running gear increases my motivation, and I had planned to run about 4 miles. However, new hot pink shorts were not going to get me through the intense cramps that started around mile 1.5. Pain has a funny way of being mind consuming and will ambush any well intentioned runner. I had to stop. Shaking from the pain, head bent to my knees, vomiting seemed to be the next step. I was not going to let that happen. I pulled myself together, and began to walk. Three blocks later, the cramps vanished just as quickly as they had appeared. Cautiously beginning to run again, I was able to get in 3 miles. At the gym I worked on leg strengthening. Perhaps I was over zealous; for the rest of the day my muscles felt like wet spaghetti.

Still no soy yogurt to be found. Today’s oats included almond milk, almond butter, and flaxseed mixed in while cooking. Topped with fresh blueberries.


Maybe from shopping, yoga, and running I was extra hungry today. After breakfast I had a piece of whole wheat naan with hummus. When that did not fill me up, I reverted to an old favorite: chips and salsa. Peach salsa from TJ’s.


Look! The first ingredient is peaches:


I’m not a big salt fan, so my vessel of choice was unsalted tortilla chips. The corn chip flavor and bright salsa do not need the enhancement of salt.


I was really, really, really craving yogurt this afternoon. The only store that sells vegan yogurt is a bit of a walk, so I took the opportunity to walk around the corner for some freegan Greek Yogurt. This yogurt is raved about, so I should try it once, right? A Greek Yogurt virgin, I didn’t know what kind to buy, so I went for Fage 2% and added a little honey on top.


Very flavorful, but too creamy for me. Thandi cat loved it.

James and I ate at an Indian restaurant tonight called Earthen Oven. We were just wandering around Columbus ave, and decided on this place for it’s appearance. The food was pricey for the serving sizes, but was generally very good. James has a theory that every culture has its chips and salsa. I guess this qualifies as the Indian version:





White wines work better for me with spicy food, so I tried a Sauvignon Blanc from India. A crisp, dry wine, it left my palate refreshed and ready for the full flavored dishes.


Along with naan bread (leavened white flour bread), we ordered Chana Pindi (chickpeas prepared with pindi masala ((a blend of pomegranate seeds, dry mango, carom & black pepper)) tempered with ginger & green chilli julienne) and Dal Tadka (yellow lentils cooked with tomatoes, green chillies, ginger, garlic, turmeric, red chilies, and cilantro, tempered with asafetida & cumin seeds). The Chana Pindi was excellent, but twice I unexpectedly bit into big carom seed pods. The flavor is overwhelming, and I actually had to discreetly spit them out. I really liked the Dal. It wasn’t too spicy or too mild. It’s only flaw was being more soup-like than I am used to.




(Dal on left, rice center, Chana Pindi on right)

Of course we had room for dessert. Remembering that we had passed the famous Magnolia Bakery just down the street, we stopped there for cupcakes (a freegan option). I was planning on splitting one, but James’ eyes are bigger than his stomach, so we each got our own. What a bummer! How do they get the frosting to look so perfect?


(Chocolate mocha and Red velvet)


Tomorrow is going to be a rest day, and I am planning on looking at some training schedules to get into a more realistic running routine.

buona notte


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  1. What did you get to wear for work?We are eating lots of zucchini and summer squash.I make tempurah(sp)You have new bathing suits…I like youtr hair

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