Personal 1/2 Marathon

I woke up to a sharp pain in my left ankle. This was not a morning for running. The plan was after a good 30 min of icing, plenty of slow stretching, and a day of activity, my muscles would be prepared for an evening run.

Having not met my waffle quota for the week, I whipped up another hearty batch of the flaxseed variety for break-fast. Topped with yogurt, almond butter, and blackberries. Needless to say, there were leftovers this time. The side of orange juice was not even fully consumed.


I wasn’t hungry again until well past lunch time, and even then, all that I could manage to stomach was this cocoa mole Larabar.


Until this afternoon, I was a Larabar virgin. Nutrition and fruit bars are not really my cup of tea (expensive and just not that good), but I was intrigued by the cocoa mole flavor. With a hint of spice, this bar was pretty decent, and kept me full for my afternoon of traveling/teaching in the heat and humidity. Seriously, the subway was oppressive to say the least. When I got home around 6:30, I still wasn’t hungry. Does the heat have something to do with this? I did a quick google search on heat and hunger, but without looking too hard I didn’t find much. A lot of people have been writing about running and the heat lately, but I know how my body reacts to heat, and there are a ton of resources this subject. But what about the more important thing? Food! Where was my appetite?

James and I set out around 7 for a run. Wanting to increase my mileage, I have decided that I am going to run my own personal half marathon with in 12 weeks. I am following Hal Higdon’s training schedule (novice level) in hopes of completing this goal injury free. For James, who has no desire to run any great distance, we created a 5 mile 12 week program. What made me decide to try a training program? My previous running schedule was just not realistic. I was trying to save the weekends as rest days and get my running in on each weekday. That meant 5 days of running in a row, which I found to be physically impossible. Even with light days in between, sustaining this “program” for any extended period of time would have meant an inevitable injury. Mr. Higdon places the long runs on Sundays, gives you a rest day Friday and Monday (just strengthening) with a light running day on Wednesday and cross training on Saturday. I started the training yesterday with strengthening at the gym, and today I did my 3 mile run. I am keeping track of my progress on a spreadsheet. Green means I completed the training, red means a day skipped. Two days, two green boxes.


It was not an easy 3 miles. With the heat and humidity my pace was slow and my body was working twice as hard for each step. After walking around to “cool down,” I collapsed on my yoga mat to stretch with the kitties. (blurry photo due to the ephemerality of the photo op… Thandi was on the move. But you get the idea.)


Before we left for our run, I put some tofu pieces into a curry marinade to be grilled later. When we got home, James did the grilling. I still wasn’t hungry, but needing to repleninsh after running, I was able to squeeze down a sizeable amount of tofu.


Deciding to get some work done at a cafe, James and I walked over to Max Cafe. I ordered a lemon Pellegrino and what I thought would be a healthy snack of Greek yogurt with fresh cherries. What I got was a powdered sugar dessert. A sea of syrupy cherries surrounding a small island of sweet yogurt. Insta-stomach ache!



Today marks our first full year in New York City. I am in the process of planning a hopefully not too massive recap post of our many adventures and misadventures with the intent of posting tomorrow.


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