Happy Plants

6:30 came and went and still the thunderstorm did not pass through. The thought of going to the gym with the busy evening crowd was not appealing, but a run outside was impossible. Mustering up all of the motivation I could find, I threw on my gear, grabbed my umbrella, and walked over to the gym. 2 miles and 17 minutes later I was out of there. That wasn’t so bad. However, I’m really looking forward to running outside tonight.

This oatmeal phase is getting ridiculous. Oatmeal for breakfast and for lunch. Time for produce shopping. My lunchtime bowl was more than comforting; topped with soy yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, and almond butter, the oats are buried under there somewhere (see them peeking out in the bottom corner?).


Energized and full of oatmeal, I spent the afternoon re-potting our desperate plants.



Organic potting soil?


Happy plants:






One response to “Happy Plants

  1. your plants look healthy.The chocolate green monster looks gross.I am eating fresh zuchinni,cucumber,onions,broccoli and carrots from the garden.The tomatoes are still green.The lettuce,spinach and beet greens have gone by.

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