Dracula and Waterpod

One year is both no time at all and all the time in the world. One year is the length of time that I have been living in New York City. I have been to all 5 boroughs, I have taught in the Bronx and countless neighborhoods in Manhattan. I have been a tourist, and I have scoffed at tourists. I have dined at fancy restaurants and stopped in for a quick drink at dive bars. I have been on boats, bridges, airplanes, and trains. I have been robbed at gunpoint and I have served jury duty. I watched the sunset from the High line, and the moon rise from the park side. I watched a live presidential debate at Columbia, I participated in an election night celebration in Harlem and Times Square. I made it through the mild winter and am surviving the wet summer. One year is not enough to make a real New Yorker, but I have found my place and I feel at home.

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes on the bike at the gym and spent another 30 minutes strength training. When I got home, I found a forgotten cauliflower in the fridge, and made cauliflower hummus from Veganomicon.


I spread the hummus onto the bread for a grilled portabella burger.


After dinner, I headed up to Inwood Park to meet my friend Katrina. We went to the park to watch a free outside production of the play Dracula with the GW bridge as the backdrop. The weather was perfect, and we had a small picnic with wine, cookies, crackers, and more hummus.


I started today with a bowl of oats, soy yogurt, white chocolate peanut butter (mmm), and puffins.


I had to get some work done today, so I went to work with James. On our way, we picked up some lunch-like snacks. A vegan Macro Bento with noodles, beans and rice, and veg dumplings.



We also split a Teany Tea. This tea company is actually owned by the singer Moby, and there is a corresponding restaurant somewhere in the lower east side. Moby and tea makes me laugh.


I also had some Newman’s wheat free/dairy free chocolate chip cookies. Never again. They are too dry and crumbly. I picked out the chocolate chips and closed up the bag.


While we were eating lunch, a huge rain storm rolled through.



With all this rain, we postponed our long-ish run until tomorrow morning. However, I did find the time to  paint my toenails and make a peach green monster.



Rhubarb is an ingredient that I have never used. Actually, I don’t think that I have ever eaten a rhubarb pie. Today I experimented with vegan rhubarb muffins. I googled a recipe and was taken to this blog. A simple vegan recipe, the muffins are actually quite good, and rhubarb has found a spot in my repertoire.



Lucky me, James made dinner tonight while I snacked on a few olives and smelled the flowers.



Dinner was a kitchen sink stir fry. Tempeh and baby corn


Lots of green. Broccoli, snow peas, green peppers. The onions are already in the wok, and the rice is cooking on the right.


Various add-ins.


A crisp and flavorful stir fry.



With a pomegranate Fizzy Lizzy. Doesn’t she look tough?


After dinner, we went for a walk along the Hudson and found this floating Waterpod Project.

Waterpod™ has been imagined as a realistic alternative to traditional living spaces. It is a floating sculptural structure that will travel the New York waterways in the summer of 2009 and act as a home for 6 visual artists. At its most basic it is a commercial barge that is currently being converted into a mobile art exhibition and living space that will showcase sustainable technology.

Unfortunately, it was too late for us to enter the barge, but we gawked at the artists from the pier and took some pictures. I guess there are chickens on there somewhere.




Tomorrow I’ll be waking up very early (before the heat) for a 4 mile run.


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