Titanic Pizza

Today began like any other day. The alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. I left my volatile early morning dreams and stumbled toward the sink for a glass of ice water. Arguing with myself about the import of early morning running, my tired body won and I crawled back into bed until 8. Departing slightly from oatmeal, I cooked up a small serving of Bob’s Red Mill muesli for breakfast. To the oats, fruit, and nuts, I added more fruit, more nuts (almond butter), and soy yogurt. Oh yeah, and a rhubarb muffin on the side.



Became this:


With a muffin:


Yes, I was full and I stayed full. When I finally needed another snack, way past lunch time, I had a slice of bread with my new favorite and very indulgent peanut butter– Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful. A local NYC company, they have a sandwich shop near Washington Square Park that requires a visit. My only complaint is that it gets a little too solid in the fridge and is hard to spread. Maybe it is not supposed to be stored in the fridge? Regardless, it is so good.


To give my snack/lunch a little more staying power, I also had a green monster late in the afternoon. I was out of peaches so I substituted an organic plum and a scoop of applesauce. The flavor was great, but the plum gave the GM a grainy texture that I did not like. Oh well, I still got my greens in.


Around 4:00 I received a very exciting phone call, the details of which I will have to save for a later date. It was very good news, but puts me in a slightly sticky situation that I will have to work out tomorrow. Time for a run to organize my thoughts and clear my mind. I got in my 4 mile run today, and also made it to the gym for some strength training. Major points! And I get to keep filling in my 1/2 marathon training spreadsheet.

To celebrate the phone call, James and I went to a fancy pizza place around the corner called Sezz Medi. Of course, I started with a glass of wine. It was a white night. The wine was dry and creamy. James described it as having an avocado-like finish. Sounds gross, but it was tasty.


While waiting to order we were brought a small basket of bread to share…


…and we split a Greek style salad. I was hungry from the run!


We could not agree on just one pizza, so we ordered two, looking forward to left overs tomorrow. First up was the Tri-colored: smoked mozzarella, ricotta, fresh tomato, arugula, olive oil. Ricotta is not my favorite cheese, but this pizza was delish. Crust cooked to perfection, and the blanket of arugula added a complex flavor.


And then, the best “pizza” that I have ever had the pleasure of eating arrived. Fritta (stuffed): ricotta, smoked mozzarella, basil, vesuvian cherry tomatoes, FRIED! Forgive me, but, OMG this was amazing. Our waitress called it the Titanic of Pizza.


The smoked flavor of the mozzarella really came forward, and even though this masterpiece was fried, it was not at all greasy. I had a slice of each pizza and am happy to report that there are leftovers for tomorrow. Breakfast maybe? With mock surprise our waitress commented, “What you couldn’t eat all of that?” No, not this time.


5 responses to “Titanic Pizza

  1. I looove that peanut butter. There is also a dark chocolate one!

  2. Congrats.I got some wine for cape cod.

  3. Your “breakfast” looks delicious. I want to eat it right off of the screen. :D I tried the chocolate pb (we get it here in Michigan), but all of there’s are just a little too over-sugared for me.
    I’ve managed to create a cross between Nutella and their Dark Chocolate Dreams.

    But, other than that, have you tried that monkey place? It’s named after a rare monkey (I went there once, the only time I’ve ever been to NYC). Bobo? Bonobo? Something like that. I can still remember the taste of their “pates” after five years!

    • Oh yeah, Bonobo’s! I have not made it down there yet, but it is definitely a high priority on my list of restaurants. Thanks for reminding me!

      I’m still working through that white chocolate wonderful peanut butter, and I agree, it’s getting too sweet for me.

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