I could feel the air working against me. A lump was rising in my throat. Breathing that should have been deep and controlled became shallow and rapid. Along with the heat and humidity already present at 8:00 this morning, the air quality was dreadful. I only had to run 2 miles today, but it was not easy. At one point I ran past two men sanding the side of a building. The cement and brick dust was hanging like a cloud in the air, and I tried to cover my mouth with my hand. I think that it is safe to say I will be running in the gym tomorrow until a storm washes away all of this pollution. Yes, I am delicate and used to Vermont air!

Hunger diminished by the heat, I skipped the oatmeal this morning and had a bowl of Original Puffins instead. Of course, I added soy yogurt, almond butter, and blueberries for some staying power.


I had an organic black plum for a mid morning snack. I’m probably the messiest plum eater this side of the Mississippi, hence the big paper towel.


Missing my daily dose of oatmeal I tried a new addition to my green monster for lunch. I put some oatmeal into my blender and added spinach, yogurt, soy mile, apple sauce, and a little bit of agave nectar. I liked how thick the oatmeal made my smoothie, but it did create a bit of a chalky flavor. Definitely tolerable, but not the best.


Not pictured: a few small spoonfuls of B&J FroYo. Oh, and some small olives! It was a snacking day.

I spent the whole day moving and cleaning under furniture, dusting, sweeping, putting away clothes, and bleaching counter tops. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to put WHITE counter tops in a kitchen? I hate bleach, it makes me feel sick, but honestly, it is the only way that I can get the stains off the counters. What an awful chemical. James and I have already decided that white will not be a prominent color in our future home.

James made a trip to Trader Joe’s today and brought me home 2 presents. First–two bars of tea tree oil soap (according to him, because I stink):


Second: a bag of omega trail mix. He knows that I am slowly learning to like nuts, and that so far I only like almonds. But, I guess he thought that I needed to take more action in the nut department because this has almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pistachios! I’m saving it for a bus ride to Boston on Friday.


Dinner was a full meal:


I made grilled asparagus: Lemon juice, olive oil, salt, fresh mint put in a bag with asparagus to marinate. Then grill.


Tofu: Heat olive oil in a pan. Add tofu and cook until just beginning to brown. Add soy sauce, red chili flakes, and nutritional yeast to taste.


And I used left over kale to make massaged kale salad.


This whole meal was very easy to make and required little cooking time. It has been so hard to cook at all in this steamy weather. After a littler more cleaning, I needed to get out of the bleach fumed apartment, so James and I met a friend for a glass of wine. We ended up ordering pita and hummus as well. Like I said, lots of snacking today!

Tomorrow I need to finish cleaning the bathroom and my office. I also have to pack for Cape Cod, which shouldn’t take too long.



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