Treadmill run

Although tempted by the overcast sky and breezy weather, I stuck to my planned treadmill run this morning. There were very few people at the gym this morning, minus the screaming camp children playing oh so infamous dodge ball on the bottom floor.

Here are the stats: I ran the first mile at 6.5 mph, and the second mile I did intervals: first 1/4 mile: 6.0 mph, second 1/4 mile: 7.5 mph, third 1/4 mile: 6.0 mph, fourth 1/4 mile: 7.5 mph. The last mile I challenged myself to a gradual increase in speed: first 1/4 mile: 6.0 mph, second 1/4 mile: 6.5 mph, third 1/4 mile: 7.0 mph, fourth 1/4 mile: first half 7.5 mph, second half 8.0 mph. I finished 3 miles in 27 min. 10 sec. Inventing or finding a treadmill run like this is a great way to build speed and prevent getting bored. Also factoring in to the  relative ease of this run: my iPod. My new favorite running song— Bjork, Hyperballad.

After strengthening and stretching I raced back home because I knew there was a mostly empty jar of almond butter just waiting to be filled with muesli.


Inspired by fellow bloggers, I have been waiting so long to try this! Added to the thinning swirl of almond butter was 1/2 cup cooked muesli, 2 spoonfuls of plain soy yogurt, and a handful of blueberries. This is a breakfast lover’s idea of heaven.


On the agenda:

  • clean curtains
  • dust and sweep office
  • clean bathroom
  • make snacks for the road
  • plan and pack for Cape Cod
  • change sheets

I think that’s everything.


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