Vacation Prep

Instead of cleaning and packing after breakfast, I took a nap. My run must have worn me out. Hunger woke me up, so I grabbed the quickest food that I could find. Hummus, whole wheat naan, and a green plum.


I was still hungry, so I munched on a handful of Puffins and a few bites of trail mix. After a quick run to the store for supplies, my afternoon of baking snacks for the trip began. Luckily it wasn’t too hot in the apartment today.

First up: Almond-Anise-Fig Smushed cookies from Veganomicon. These hearty cookies have 1/2 of a dried fig pressed on top before baking.


After baking–crunchy and chewy:


While these were baking, I mixed the ingredients for Baked Oatmeal Snack Bars. I have made these once before, and this time I added sunflower seeds, almonds, chocolate chunks, and cranberries. Slowly but surely, 9.5 cups of almonds are being used up.


I spent the rest of the day working through my to-do list and cleaning. James brought some dinner home with him–chickpea salad and avocado sushi. Just what I was craving.



Of course there was packing:


We are trying to split 1 suitcase… I was pretty successful!

Tomorrow we are taking a bus up to Boston and meeting my parents at the bus station. From there, it’s off to Cape Cod. We had family reunions (clambakes) on Cape Cod every summer until I was about 13. They stopped for a while,  just starting up again last year. Clambakes used to be right on the beach. The adults would dig a huge pit in the sand while all of the kids walked around the shore looking for seaweed. The seaweed was used to cook lobsters and clams in the sand pit. Not able to look at a lobster or clam, much less eat one, I still enjoyed the process. With new beach regulations, this doesn’t happen anymore. Re-visiting somewhere that is such an important part of your past is an strange sensation. The most random sights and smells trigger long forgotten memories. James has never been to the Cape, so everything will be fresh for him.

Hopefully we will have internet so that I can post along the way. If not, I’ll plan one giant recap for when I return.


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