Cape Cod, Pt. I

James and I descended from the Megabus in Boston at 11:20 Friday morning. My parents and sister were there waiting for us, and we found their car with relative ease. The five of us squished into the compact Jeep Liberty, and I was lucky enough to be situated in the middle of the back seat, right over the hump. My knees were not happy. Eventually, I stretched out one leg.


One thing that was unavoidable–traffic. The line of weekenders and vacationers heading out to the Cape was never ending.


(that is my sister’s Adventure Sheep hanging onto the “Oh Shit” bar)

Finally we made it to the Sagamore Bridge. I would like to say that traffic thinned out after the bridge, but it did not. The Sagamore Bridge extends over the man-made Cape Cod Canal connecting the Cape with the rest of Massachusetts.



By the time we arrived at our hotel in Orleans, we were all starving for a late lunch. We headed over to Brewster where much of my family lives, and found lunch at a Mexican restaurant called El Guapo. My dad and I visited this place last year, and it was just as delicious this time around. I ordered the Rajas con queso tacos: cheese, black beans, fire-roasted poblano chiles, lettuce, pico de gallo, & grated cotija cheese. I was so excited to eat, that I forgot to snap a picture, so you will have to imagine the soft taco shells stuffed with goodness. The peppers were so spicy that my tongue tickled–a strange sensation.

After our late lunch, we headed over to the beach that I have the fondest memories of–Paines Creek Beach. A creek flows into Cape Cod Bay, and eels hide out in the grass along the banks. Tide was headed out, but it was still pretty high. None of us had swimsuits, so we poked around for a bit, and then left to meet my great aunt and uncle J & D at The Woodshed bar in Brewster. My dad’s aunt Fran owned this bar for years and years along with the hotel right next to it. He would spend summers on the cape working and staying at the hotel and bar. The bar is very rustic and draws a local crowd. If you are a beer snob (yes, I am.), don’t go here looking for “good” beer. The only thing on tap is Budweiser, and the best bottled beer is Heineken. But, the history of the place and the company of family make it one of my favorite bars.

We all had two drinks (well, Gaelen had 3), and then went to watch the sunset over the bay. The tide was low, so we were able to walk out on the flats and enjoy the firey red sky. It must have been at this point that we all realized we hadn’t eaten dinner. We ate at a place called J.T.’s Seafood. Obviously James and I did not get seafood. We weren’t that hungry, so we split a veggie burger and fries. A day of traveling, beach going, family bars, and traffic was just begging to be ended with a cup of ice cream. Purple Cow ice cream to be exact–black raspberry ice cream with white chocolate chips–divine!


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