Cape Cod, Pt. II

Saturday morning we woke up very early to explore Cape Cod Bay at low tide. Sulfur scented and pleasantly squishy, the flats bring out tiny translucent shrimp that eagerly bounce off feet, and hermit crabs challenging each other in small pools of water. The tide goes out so far that while you can still hear the crashing of the waves, they only appear as a thin white line on the horizon.


Spotting an oyster farm in the distance, we headed out to speak with the oyster farmer. You can just make out the dark line of the cages that we are heading towards.


We were also lucky enough to see a seagull devouring a ripe dead fish.


The sea air makes a hungry family, so we headed to the Brewster Store for breakfast. My sister and I used to get excited about their penny candy and spend tens of minutes carefully selecting pieces for our brown paper bags. Perhaps attracted to the bright rainbow colors, we would always go for those stupid candy buttons glued to a piece of wax paper. They barely taste like anything, and you end up eating half of the paper. Anyway, today we opted for donuts… the healthy choice.

DSC_0030mmm a scandalously placed donut

On our way to J & D’s we stopped at a farm stand to pick up corn and salad ingredients for dinner that night. I also got a very small whole wheat cranberry roll to munch on. At J & D’s James, Gaelen, and I were given the task of husking the corn.


We also played with the dog, Murphy…


DSC_0066… and did some birdwatching.



It was a warm day that called for swimming, so we headed out to the best place in the world to swim–Sheep Pond. However, we had to stop for one photo op on the way. (Forgive my disheveled appearance… I thought we would have time to shower after breakfast this morning, but we did not… I think that it adds to the quality of the photo)


Sheep Pond provided my workout for the day. The water is sparkling clear, not too cold, and fresh complete with a sandy bottom.


James, Gaelen, and I swam out from shore and treaded water until we couldn’t take it anymore. Then I sat on the beach, soaked up some sun, and snacked on trail mix.

Our day so far had been busy without even time for a shower, let alone a proper lunch. On our way back to the hotel to finally shower and take a quick break, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up light lunches and a few more things for dinner. For lunch I had Greek yogurt with a crumbled oatmeal square.

At the hotel we all relaxed and showered. My mom opened up a bottle of wine that she had brought to celebrate my new job (more later). The wine just so happened to be one of the varieties that we had at my wedding–a dry Rose from La Vieille Ferme which is imported by the company that my auntie works for, Vineyard Brands.

That night we had a potluck style dinner with some of my dad’s extended family. At the grocery store, James and I found an American Flatbread Company pizza! I didn’t realize that they made frozen pizza, so I was excited to cook it up. While it was the best frozen pizza that I have ever tasted, it was still just a frozen pizza. Along with 2 very small slices, I enjoyed 2 beers, a slice of spicy pepper cheese on bread, and salad.

Hours of conversation and many mosquito bites later, we finally made it back to the hotel where I collapsed after a jam packed day.


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