Cape Cod, Pt. III

Sunday was another early morning as we headed out to Provincetown (P’town) at 7 a.m. The plan was to beat the traffic and have our breakfast in P’town while we waited for stores to open. Mission successful. I hope that the following breakfast shots will make up for the relative lack of food photos from the trip.

We spotted the Provincetown Portuguese Bakery as we were walking down commercial street. It was busy for an early morning in a town that generally stays up late, so we decided that it must be good. Oh, was it good! Originally my sister and I were going to split a lemon pastry, but my dad ordered two… we couldn’t let one go to waste. He also got a cinnamon pastry for himself.



The lemon pastry was perfect. Simple, light, creamy, and not over flavored. Everything that it should be. For my main breakfast course I ordered whole wheat french toast.


French toast is hard to mess up, and this was cooked to perfection. I devoured all three slices. My only complaint is the lack of real maple syrup or jam. Both came in individual plastic containers and contained copious amounts of high fructose corn syrup.

After a breakfast like that, we had to make a pit-stop at the restrooms. Look what was on the wall. eww


Along with shopping and purchasing fudge, we walked out on one of the piers. My dad said that this all used to be commercial fishing territory. Now it has turned into whale watching and private moorings.



You can’t really see it, but that boat is named the “Hoochie Mamma.” Apparently a “Hoochie” is a type of fish hook… sure.

On our way back to Brewster, we realized just how smart we were to leave early for P’town. Traffic was backed up all the way back to Orleans headed out. We were all hungry for lunch so we stopped at Cape Cup in Orleans. We all placed our orders, and when it was my mom’s turn, she ordered a beer with her lunch. The man making our food behind the counter thought that I had ordered the beer and remarked, “aren’t you a little to young for beer?” At first I thought that he was joking with my mom, but when we sat down I realized that he was speaking to me. That is one thing you get used to when you are 25 but look like you are 15. Hopefully I’ll still have my “youthful glow” well into old age!

I had the Marguerite panini for lunch– fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, tomatoes on italian bread. It was good, but I think that I am finally getting sick of panini.


Before heading to the final event of the weekend, we spent some time at Nausset Beach, which is on the ocean side of the cape. Clouds started rolling in and there was a chill in the air that was welcome, but did not make for good beach going.

After the beach, it was time for the much anticipated Clambake. Most people ate a bag of steamed clams along with lobster dinner. The outcasts, James and I, ate veggie burgers. Oh, and more chips dipped in salsa than I care to remember. And dessert. My camera stuck in the car, I did not capture the creamy, gooey, rich mess that was dessert! First I ate a very small piece of eclaire cake. It literally looked like a giant Boston cream donut. Yum. My second dessert was a slice of chocolate icebox cake (a maze of rich dark chocolate and fluffy lady fingers) with a mandatory blob of whipped cream. So good, but so rich that I was only able to eat about 3 bites.

I’m happy to be back in NYC, but it was nice to spend time with family by the ocean. Usually vacations are food centered and non-stop eating, especially when I don’t have to pick up the bill. However, this time, I feel like I did a much better job managing my portions, especially when it came to indulgences like ice cream, beer, and cake. The next thing to work on is making running a part of vacay.


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  1. oh how indulgent is the raw oyster slipping down your little esophagus

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