Park Walk

Bright sun, steamy temperatures, gym closed, cross training scheduled… walk in the park!

James and I slipped on our running shoes and walked for an hour through central park and across Manhattan. Water stops were necessary, even if we had to pay the $2.00 per bottle price at an edge of the park hot dog stand. Walking with the intent of getting a workout makes a difference, maybe just a mental one, but I was sweaty and tired.


Forgetting my aversion to “health” bars, I picked up this Luna bar when James and I stopped into a bodega for a fast snack.


I do not remember the flavor, something like caramel chocolate nuts. One bite and my face almost puckered from the sweetness. Why did I buy this bar? I am sure that I had better options!

Thandi cat was waiting for us when we got home.



The morning heat woke me up today before the alarm clock had a chance to fulfill its daily duties. A slice of ww bread with almond butter provided my pre-run fuel, and after spending 3 frustrating minutes searching for a pair of matching socks, I was out the door. 5 miles in 48:00 is not bad for a muggy Sunday morning (now I have Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground stuck in my head). Points of the run were a struggle, but I managed to stay positive and get into a steady rhythm. After a run like this, I did some hardcore stretching and iced my sore knee. I will also do some yoga before bed in order to avoid stiffness.

James was nice enough to make me vegan waffles for breakfast. I normally top them with plain soyogurt, but today I used a single serving raspberry cup that we had sitting in the fridge. Again, it was way too sweet.


Running that far makes me tired. I passed out for about two hours, woke up, and made a cold green monster with coconut water.


This afternoon James had to do some fieldwork at a Lincoln Center Out of Doors concert. I met him down there towards the end of the show, and found him drenched in sweat. Our friend David helped James with the video recording… he had two cameras to manage.


Planning well, I made it just in time to find some dinner on Columbus. We were looking for something cheap and ended up going to Harry’s Burritos (they also have vegan options). Inspired by the heat, I ordered a beer–


And vegetarian tacos without cheese. I ordered the soft and hard (sounds dirty) version, which is a crispy taco shell wrapped in a soft tortilla. The waitress made sure that they used Tofutti sour cream between the layers.


I am working on a couple of special posts for the blog, and I need to renew my Columbia gym membership tomorrow.

Have a good night!


One response to “Park Walk

  1. I am sweating here too.I could only find dried figs but will try to make a chicken dish with them directly from this month’s “Bon Appetite”.I swam but the pool is warm at 75 degrees.I bought a new matress today plush pillow top and soft enough for me.I guess that shopping and the swim were my exercise.

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