Another canicular mid-August day.  The northeast has been spoiled by relatively mild summer weather, and this wall of heat and humidity is difficult to handle.  Especially in those subway tunnels while waiting for the train to pull up.  The train arrives, you step into the car, and another thicker, even more humid wall hits you.  You have managed to pick the one car with an air conditioner that just gave up.  So that explains the unusual abundance of empty seats.

Right now, the sound of a cooler future is echoing between apartment buildings.  A thunderstorm.  Okay, that was close.  Did it strike our building?  The one next door?  Assuming all is well, I’ll continue on with food.

A sore back woke me up, as usual.  I made toast for breakfast, and before I left for a meeting, I snacked on almonds with dried cranberries.  Not willing to give up on a bowl of oats, I cooked up some muesli for lunch.  Of course, by dinner time, the heat had caught up with me.  A big green salad would have to do the trick.


A little bit closer.


All day I have been debating whether or not I should go on my run.  Around 7:30 I decided to see how far I could get, planning to allow myself to stop and walk if the heat and air quality got to be too much to handle.  There was a slight warm breeze on my route that saved me and allowed me to run the full 3.5 miles in just about 30 minutes! Actually, I should be honest here.  It was not the breeze that got me through the run, it was the promise of vegan gelato at the end.

I met James at Artopolis and ordered a small gelato with 1 scoop of coconut and 1 scoop of peach.


Normally I have a more abstemious post-run diet, but I have been craving this for about a week now.  The coconut was creamy with coconut shavings mixed in.  The peach was good, but way too sweet.  I will pick a different flavor next time (which will not be after a run).

So, the special post that I am working on is about health care.  I have not really been following what the current health reform ideas are, and as a person who has been without health insurance for over a year now, I should be.  I’ll be talking about the current system, what needs to change, what I like or do not like about the tentative health care reform, any ideas I have for change, and my own personal struggle to attain health care (which I am happy to say begins on Sept. 1st).  This is a big project, and I want my research to be as unbiased as possible, so please bear with me.


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