Comfort food

This breakfast (at 6:45 a.m.) kept me going until my lunch break at noon.  The power of oats.


However, after 3 hours of training I was definitely ready for my hummus, tomato, lettuce, and black olive sandwich.


While oats kept me full, this sandwich was not enough to hold me through to dinner, so I also had a bag of trail mix (like a dedicated almond eater, I picked around the cashews).


Lunch outside in my shady park is proving to be anything but boring.  The napping, smoking, spitting, farting construction crew provides me with a full hour of entertainment.  Maybe tomorrow I should snap a picture?

Errands to run after work meant that I didn’t get home until around 6:45.  Of course, I walked in the door, threw my stuff on a chair, fed the hungrier than me cats, and scarfed down a muffin.

Look what James made for dinner–


And my dessert will be the perfect night-cap:


What is your go to comfort meal after a long busy day?


5 responses to “Comfort food

  1. Yum, that looks great! Are those TVP tacos by any chance?

    My Mom (Hilarie) just let me know about your blog – she’s your Mom’s cousin! So I guess that makes us… second cousins? I totally just looked at a chart of cousins, and am still not sure. ;)

    My go-to comfort meal is oat bran with a little butter and sea salt a poached egg on top. It’s super easy, filling and yummy, though not exactly vegan! I like it with a side of sauteed zucchini and summer squash with sea salt and paprika.

  2. Yeah, I guess the whole cousins thing is a little confusing… so good to hear from you! They sure are TVP tacos. Probably could eat these every night and be happy.

    The oat bran sounds really good. Minus the egg, I could make it with earth balance butter… mmm.

    • I adore TVP tacos, yum! I’m going to need to pick up the ingredients to make some soon!

      Oh! I was going to add the oat bran is great with a side of pan-fried tofu! With Earth Balance, that sounds like a fab meal!

      I actually might be coming to NY soon and would love to meet up!

  3. I am and I just found you! Didn’t realize we had 4 mutual friends – including my Mom! :D

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