Bad Lunch, Good Company

Refreshed and rejuvenated.  Maybe bed time should permanently be 9:30?  I feel old.  Did you like James’ top 10?

Yesterday I was back outside with the construction workers for lunch.  Sadly, there were fewer of them, and I did not hear (or smell) any farts.  But, my lunch was good.

Pre-marinated tofu triangles with a sesame sauce:


Representin’ the home state, I had a cup of Vermont Village Cannery applesauce.  If you have not tried this yet, you must.  So smooth, so creamy….


And to make it through the day, trail mix:


Running yesterday was hard.  All I wanted to do was space out in front of my computer, but fearing I would fall out of my developed habit, I ran a fast and difficult 2 miles.  Today I managed my 4 miles, but at a slow and easy 10:00 pace.  I have a 6 mile run scheduled for this weekend.  If I make it, that will be the farthest that I have ever run.  13 miles seems so far away.

Yesterday’s dinner included this:


And this:


Cherry Tomatoes and Basil cooking in olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper

The complete dinner:


If you are vegan and missing ravioli, these soy boy ones are worth a try.  They come in a few flavors, and the tofu filling is very ricotta like.

Oh hey, I almost forgot the best part about yesterday.  My first green monster in a few days:

DSC_0184Spinach, peach, soygurt, flax seed, coconut water, almond butterI assure you, it is good, give it a try.


9 hours of sleep was the solution.  Morning energy like never before.  8 hours of work?  No problem.  Meet James for lunch?  Can’t wait… but unfortunately, we picked the wrong restaurant.  Peter’s looked like a nice Italian place that wasn’t that expensive for the area.  I never really rate restaurants on their service, so I’ll overlook the fact that it was about 15 minutes before someone came to take our order.  Regardless, the food was not good.  Our plan was to order a few things to share.  We started with the soup special: Gazpacho


Ok, it was tomato juice with some veg chunks in it.  Normally, there may be some tomato juice in your gazpacho, but everything is blended together… this soup was more like a cold minestrone.  Not good.  (My auntie sent me a very interesting gazpacho recipe that I will be attempting sometime soon).

Next we ordered a Mediterranean style salad.  It is hard to mess up a salad, so this at least tasted okay, but there was a big hunk of goat cheese just resting on top, they used plain old canned black olives, flavorless tomatoes, and the chunks of romaine were too big to eat in my usual dignified lady-like manner (yeah, right).  Also, not good.


Finally we split gnocchi.  Really not good.  A few little gnocchi puffs swimming in a puddle of heavy and greasy (didn’t think that was possible) tomato sauce.  It doesn’t end there: whole long pieces of raw green beans and broccoli.  I love broccoli.  I love green beans.  I do not like broccoli and green beans in my gnocchi!  I feel very strongly about this, being somewhat of a gnocchi connoisseur.


It just looks bad.

I was left with such a bad taste in my mouth that I was forced to get a cookie from Starbucks.  Oh well.  The bottom line: do not go to Peter’s for the food.

Alright, that does it… one oatmeal-less post.

What is the worst, or maybe best, restaurant that you have been to?


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