6 miles

Six miles is not an easy distance.  The sound of the number alone far surpasses five.  The thought of the distance was met with anxiety, fear, and maybe some excitement.

After one point five miles, I was met with severe cramps (of the special variety), and was forced to find refuge on a welcoming bench while they passed.  Two minutes later, slightly shaky from the severity of those oh so special pains, I was up and moving again.  Both my physical stamina and mental stamina had taken a major blow.  I can’t do this.  What was I thinking?  It was as if all the nervous energy and excitement contributing to motivation had been drained from my body.

I need to keep going.  I need to run this distance.  Galloway actually condones short walking breaks to allow for recovery.  In many instances it increases overall time.  But walking is giving up, isn’t it?  Oh, who cares what other people think.  I took three thirty second walking breaks.  Not even PETA protesting animal testing could distract me now.  One hundred normal blocks and 6 big blocks later, I achieved my new all time distance record of six miles.  I finally understand it.  I know why people can run marathon after marathon after marathon.  My feet, arms, body crossed the finish line, and I was ready to run six more.


In the dark pre-sunrise hours of Sunday morning, without really waking up at all, I have a vague memory of frantically scratching my thumb.  In the much later hours of Sunday morning, in full sunlight, this is what I found:



What is this?!  Did a spider bite me?  What kind of spiders in NYC bite?  Am I going to die?


This morning was not made with enough time.  Preparing lunch was impossible, so I braved the cafeteria at work today.  Honestly, it’s not that bad.  The most friendly sandwich guys in existence made me a hummus sandwich with lettuce and tomato on 10 grain bread.  This is not what I remember as cafeteria food:


Vegan bean and tomato soup.  I was reminded that I am not really a big soup person.  Unless it is gazpacho.  Or chili.  Does that count?


I left work a little bit late after dealing with some last minute things.  This ended up being good as I ran into James getting off the same subway as me!  He had been in NJ all week visiting his family so I had not seen him in three days.  Happy reunion.  We walked home and immediately made a pizza with the dough he bought.  Failure.  With too much to talk about and never enough time, I forgot to put the nutritional yeast on, and put the basil on too soon.  This is why I usually cook with a recipe.


I am finally falling into the idea of meal planning.  I have a binder for recipes that people send me or that I find in magazines.  I have a monthly calendar printed out to plan each night’s dinner.  I have book mark tabs to keep track of meals that seem intriguing.



The goal is to save both time and money.  So far all I have done is plan the meals.  Now I actually have to make them.  Some components can be done ahead of time and refrigerated.  I am a very organized person, but not so great at planning ahead. The present is where I like to be.  A challenge in meal planning.  Fingers crossed.  James’ mom gave us some (okay, more than some) cookbooks that will make this idea slightly easier.


I was busy making a plan, while the kitties were busy doing what they do best:





And finally, to end a hodgepodge post, the most delicious part of the evening (of course, split with James):



2 responses to “6 miles

  1. you’re planning meals out… a month in advance? and yes… that looks like a deadly bite.. haha

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