Meal Plans

Monday night was sleepless.  The never ending commentary of thoughts streamed through my brain like a news feed.  Anxiety of sleep overwhelmed.  It was beyond time for relaxation techniques.  What other choice did I have but to let the commentary play out.

Tuesday is a blur.  I knew that sticking to planned meals (planned meals? meal plans? reminds me of college) was going to be tough, but I did not expect to resist so much on the first day.  However, energy was found in unexpected places.

First, James made me this awesome smoothie when I got home from work:


Avocado, a mix of frozen berries, and some other stuff like flax seed, wheat germ, etc.  It doesn’t really matter what else was in this smoothie as long as I mention the avocado. — I hate bananas.  This is a sad thing when it comes to making a perfect smoothie, because bananas create such a nice texture.  Well, problem solved.  Avocado creates a better texture and is flavorless in the mix.  Try it.

No sleep, a long day at work… do you know what I did after my snack?  4 mile run! A run that provided me with enough energy to make dinner.

Day 1 meal plan: red lentil and bulgur pilaf with olives, kale, and lime


Last night, I put my head on the pillow and passed out.  Courtesy of a run and a good dinner (and maybe a beer).


Craving something crunchy on my morning bowl of oats, I added some vanilla granola on top of the soygurt and almond butter.


Instead of a cup of tea, I tried Kombucha–fermented tea.  Bubbly from the fermentation and with a strong flavor, I can see why many people don’t like this drink.  I like the acidic flavor.


Day 2 meal plan required skillz: Summer rolls


Filling: lettuce, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, mint, scallions, bean thread noodles.  Rice paper wrap.

Wrapping method: place filling in middle of wrapper.  Fold all sides (top, bottom, left, right) over the fillings.  Roll lengthwise.  Repeat with one more wrapper for strength.

Perfect with tofu:


Tamales are on the menu for tomorrow–if I can handle it.


4 responses to “Meal Plans

  1. Avocado, kombucha, and summer rolls – 3 of my favorite things! I especially like the Mango and new Botanic Synergy Kombuchas. Yum.

  2. Kombucha smells like vinegar …but I like it.

  3. There was always a strange discoloration on the carpet next to Calvin’s seat at the dinner table. That’s where kombucha belongs. Blech!

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