Pepto Smoothie

Asparagus wrapped in sweet onions?  The recipe sounded good, but the second the smell of boiling onions filled the apartment, I knew this would not be added to my favorites list.  Why did I pick such strange and time consuming recipes for my first week of meal planning?

I got home around 5:30, went for a 4 mile run around 6:30, started cooking dinner around 8:00 and didn’t finish until 9:00.  I’m thinking it’s a good thing that I did not try to make tamales tonight.  Despite the smell, and having to peel each layer of slimy onion, these asparagus wraps tasted pretty good:


Quinoa on the side


For a late dessert I swallowed a nice refreshing glass of pepto bismol.

DSC_0509organic peach, soygurt, frozen organic raspberries, coconut water: plain and simple


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