Agate Alley

I am sure that turning 30 is hard.  Yes, in reality, it is an arbitrary number that should have no significant meaning.  But to creatures such as we are, obsessed with marking the passage of time, 30 represents the twilight of our youth.  To celebrate our friend Josh’s 30th, we went to a late breakfast at Agate Alley in Eugene, Oregon.

We were seated outside in the early September sunlight, joined by an abnormal number of flies.  Perfect weather for outdoor breakfasting, I was not about to let this minor annoyance get to me.  Especially not with the distraction of the best breakfast food that I have enjoyed in a long time.  Warning: non-vegan images ahead!

Holland and I started with the obligatory mimosa (just incase you don’t know what that is–champagne and orange juice):


No, I could not wait to take a picture.

We ordered Josh a birthday man-mosa–a mimosa in a pint glass:


Yes, Life is still good… even at 30.

My Breakfast– Waffles a’la Agate Alley: Bacon Pecan, Blackberry, or White Chocolate Chip. Choose wisely! You can’t go wrong, though.  I chose mine with blackberries.


James and I decided to split our meals.  His order–The Columbia Street: Crispy potato flapjacks, topped with a tomato, basil and feta salsa.  Served with two eggs any style and choice of side. He ate the eggs, I ate one flapjack.  Most ingredients were local and organic.


Those are little veggie sausages.

Up next: Eugene hippies and Saturday market


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