Burritos, Ocean, McMenamins

James and I moved to Oregon in the middle of a record setting heat wave.  The temperatures climbed to over 105 degrees, and still our furniture, fans, and other items that provide daily comfort were in the middle of the country on a truck.  So, we packed up our car and drove 1 hour west to the Pacific Ocean.  We were ready for the beach with our swimsuits, sunscreen, beach towels, and picnic.  Imagine our surprise when we realized that the inland heat meant a cold and foggy coastline.  65 degrees, windy, cloudy, sweatshirt and hat weather… hardly the beach experience that we were looking for.

On our visit to OR last weekend, now coastal experts, we scheduled time to visit the ocean.  But first, we stopped at Laughing Planet to pick up burritos for the road.  Laughing Planet is very vegan friendly, and I could not wait to order my usual (is it still your usual order if it’s been over a year?)–The vegan deluxe bean and (soy)cheese burrito with guacamole and tofutti sour cream.  The inside of LP is decorated with dinosaurs and robots (happy James), bright colors, and Robert Crumb comics.



The burritos come wrapped tightly in tinfoil, and each table is adorned with a helpful guide explaining exactly how to eat your creation (complete with optional pinkie lift).


Because our order was to go, they provided us with a handy burrito carrier.



It was tough to endure the one hour car ride to the coast with the smell of warm burritos in the back seat, but James managed to fall asleep, and Holland and I gossiped chatted the whole time.  Finally the coast, which really meant lunch!

Our picnic spot:




Alright, NOW I’m ready for the coast.  We went to my favorite spot, which is simply called Ocean Beach.  We walked, snapped pictures, dug in the sand, poked at dead jellyfish, and searched for interesting rocks.




Of course, we needed to climb some cliffs, no matter how high the water was.




Our view from the rocks:



On our way back to town, James bit into one of the heirloom cherry tomatoes that we purchased at the farmers market and it exploded. All over the car, and all over me.  Here is a lovely shot of my seed covered leg.


When we arrived in Eugene we were all pretty hungry, and met some friends at McMenamins–High Street for dinner and beer.  There are several McMenamins locations around the Pacific Northwest, and they have their own delicious brews.  My favorite being the seasonal Nut Brown.  This time around I tried their porter and was slightly disappointed.  Not as flavorful as I would have liked.



A blurry iPhone beer drinking photo:


Holland and I split the tortilla chips with tomatillo salsa–


and I ordered the Brewers Salad topped with pickled onions.  I have a garlic problem, so I passed my garlic bread down the table.


And of course, James ordered cajunized tots.  He loves his tots.


All this food!  You are probably thinking that the next day was a light eating day.  It wasn’t.


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