Empty Fridge=Dining Out

Food from the first two days of the October Challenge!

Almond butter and Jelly sandwich on real whole wheat bread.  Jelly might not be fit within the parameters of this challenge, but it is whole fruit, no sugar added jelly.


Fig Greek yogurt.  This was in the fridge and needed to be eaten… gross.


The color alone was enough to dampen my appetite.


With traveling and being sick, our fridge is empty right now.  On Thursday, James came to meet me for lunch.  High quality affordable restaurants are hard to find around my place of employment, so we ventured to an Indian restaurant called Sapphire for their lunch buffet.  While this was not a home cooked meal, nor did I know the origin of the ingredients, I was eating from a diet based on tradition.  I also got to eat lunch with my husband, rather than alone!


I especially loved that little puff in the back.




A dessert made from carrots and spices


Another dessert made from sweet cheese

Tomorrow is food shopping day, so we have one more night of eating out–a dinner at Sookk to thank one of our friends for watching the cats while we had fun in Oregon.


One response to “Empty Fridge=Dining Out

  1. Love you October Challenge – what a great idea!

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