Long Run

Over the past three weeks, running has not been a priority.  Between work, traveling, and dealing with the plague, running has been unlikely impossible.  So on Sunday, recovered to the point of an occasionally drippy nose and lingering cough, I vowed to complete a long run to see just how much of my training that I had lost (or hopefully retained).

Fuel for the day–

A morning bowl of oats with Hawthorne Valley Farm Maple Vanilla yogurt and honey-almond granola.



James and I purchased four whole-wheat sandwich rolls at the Inwood greenmarket.  They contain only the essential ingredients, no additives, no supplements. Whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, water.  The people who baked the bread, sold us the bread.  Perfect for the October Challenge.  Also on the sandwich–lettuce, tomatoes, and radishes from the greenmarket.


A couple of hours later, and about 1 hour before the planned run, I discovered a combination that will no doubt return me to snacking again–Apples dipped in almond butter.  This is a McIntosh apple, also from the greenmarket.


The Run

Central Park provided the course.  In order to turn the six mile loop into seven, I ran to the park from my apartment adding on 1 more mile.  Sounds like a good plan right?  Everything was great.  I made it from the top of the park to the bottom of the park along the west side.  The road began to loop around, and letting my mind wander, I just followed the asphault, the runners, and the bikers.  Before I knew it, I was back at West 72nd street.  What?!  I was supposed to be running along the east side of the park, and James was waiting for me around the equivalent of East 100th.

See the triangle right next to where it says “Bethesda Terrace”?  That is where I made my unintentional turn.


I just was not paying attention.  In order to fix the problem, and meet back up with James, I crossed back over to the east side along the bottom of the reservoir.  Luckily, James was still waiting for me, and we finished the loop back over to west 110th.  All together, 7 miles became 7.75.  Only 5.35 more to 13.1 miles!

Honestly, I can’t believe that I actually made it after running only about 5 miles in the past 3 weeks.  This has to be proof that if you have a bad couple of weeks, or excuse the cliche, fall off the wagon, don’t just let yourself give up.  Excuses are easy to find, aren’t they?

So, after all that running, I still had to walk a mile home.  Tired, sore, runny nose, and no water.  Crawling along, head thrown back, arms hanging limp at my side, the journey seemed impossible.  And then, when I did get home, I did something stupid.  I drank water, I stretched, I talked on the phone, I did everything but eat a snack to refuel.  What was the point when I was just going to be cooking dinner soon?

All of the sudden my stomach began to ache, and I felt faint.  James revived me with a couple chunks of organic cheese and a Cherry Pie Larabar.  One of the most important things to remember–refuel right after a long run.  Don’t wait!

For dinner I used purple peppers (again from the greenmarket) for stuffed peppers.  Filled with quinoa, random spices, a tomato, and topped with melted organic cheese.  Sadly, the peppers lost their purple hue in the oven.



I topped the leftover quinoa mix with chutney.


And washed it all down with a Teany Blueberry White tea.


The hardest thing about the October Challenge so far, is remembering to check the ingredients of add-ins (like chutney) and drinks that I just assume are healthy.  Ingredients for the Chutney: Sugar, Water, Vinegar, Peaches, Food Starch, Sulphur Dioxide, Salt, Caramel.  Not that bad, but I could have made it myself with fresh, local ingredients (well, maybe not this time of year).

Is anyone else taking steps to clean up, varietize, and localize their diet?  Let me know!


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