October Challenge–Grocery Shopping

Monday’s after-work snack:


Trader Joe’s Cab and two local/organic plums

Monday night was my first trip to the grocery store following the guidelines of the October Challenge.  Before heading to Fairway, I cooked a quick pot of whole wheat spaghetti topped with my favorite vegetable–Swiss chard.


James and I spent about 1 hour in Fairway reading labels, picking through produce, and deciding what we really needed to get us through the week.  Because of our stop at the greenmarket on Saturday, we did not spend too much time with the fruits and veggies.  At a supermarket that is always fully stocked with every item imaginable, it can be challenging to determine what produce is in season, let alone local.  Great, this broccoli is from the US, but where? California 3,000 miles away?

I’ll never forget when James and I were driving across California from Bakersfield to the coast.  We must have seen about 100 open-topped dirty trucks full of fruit.  That is where fruit comes from? Dirty truck beds?

Anyway, back to Fairway.  Naturally we stuck to the peripheries of the grocery store.  We don’t buy a bunch of canned, packaged, and frozen food anyway, so this was an easy rule to follow.  The giant cavernous freezer room is where we spent much of our time.  Now that I have admitted both to myself and the general public that I am okay with no longer being vegan, all the varieties of yogurt and cheeses confused and excited me.  So much to try, but which ones use milk from humanely treated animals that are fed a proper/natural diet?  Much label reading and contemplating ensued.  Add to all of these problems the fact that I don’t even really know what kind of cheese that I like.

My first reaction–cheese is expensive!  But then again…”pay more, eat less.”  Our bill for the week was about $100 (pretty normal), but we came out with less food.  I will not be able to waste one drop this week.  So far so good.


6 responses to “October Challenge–Grocery Shopping

  1. Your blog makes me really hungry!

  2. Oh, I discovered a made-in-NY yogurt the other day I keep meaning to tell you about! It’s called Siggi’s Skyr and from their site it looks like they use milk from local family farms: http://skyr.com/our_story.html, and they use vegetable rennet and few ingredients (it’s sweetened with agave). It’s really good – thick, with high protein – but kind of pricey (I thnk they were $2 each at Whole Foods on sale). But like you said, sometimes the price you pay is worth it! I also really like Stonyfield – they’re a good company, and it’s a great product.

    I’m really enjoying reading about this challenge!

    • Yes, I love their yogurt! I have a lunch-time post to do very soon that includes a picture of Acai Berry Siggi’s. I am really discovering how “worth it” spending more money on dairy products is.

  3. ok so what is local? I will bet squash,hydroponic tomatoes ,yes pumpkin is squash and apples.May be kale or spinach if someone planted a late crop. Ick dirty vegies …maybe some onions

    • Oh mom, you are funny.

      Right now a lot of squashes, beets, potatoes, root veggies, applies, green leafy things. Lettuce. Not ick at all. In the summer there is a ton of local fruit.

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