Some meals from the past week–

Organic blue potatoes:


Baked and topped with grass-fed cheddar cheese.


Yucca.  Not local or organic, but the base of a home cooked meal.


Spinach with yellow tomatoes.


Baked (not fried) yucca fries with chutney for dipping.


Inspired by the October Challenge, I made whole wheat bread!  I actually let this bread rise for 24 hours the first time.  Before baking, it was coated with flour, which unfortunately set the smoke alarm off for the entire baking process.  Our ceilings are too high to remove the battery, so I had to fan it with a newspaper for 40 minutes.  At least I know it works.


At first, I thought that the bread was ruined because it felt as hard as a rock.  But, when I sliced it open, I was presented with a perfectly soft and chewy loaf.


One night this week, I was just too tired for cooking, so James and I split a stuffed pizza from Sezz Medi.  This is full of smoked mozzarella, ricotta, basil, and tomato.  Not exactly organic and probably not local.


Friday morning James made vegan flaxseed waffles before I headed off to work.  I topped mine with greek yogurt and almond butter.


A good week all around with only one minor deviation from the challenge.


One response to “Recap

  1. I can note see the pictures of the bread and the blue potatoes

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