3 Dinners

Monday was a glorious day off from running.  Extra free time after work means extra time in the kitchen.  After taking a quick produce inventory, I searched through my cookbooks looking for a recipe that would use potatoes and spinach.  Veganomicon did not let me down–spinach and potato blintzes.

First I peeled, boiled, and mashed the potatoes.  Mix in lightly cooked and chopped spinach:


I had already prepared whole wheat crepes onto which I scooped the green potato mix.


The crepes get folded and fried until golden brown and slightly crispy.


I topped mine with plain farmer’s market yogurt:


Nothing better than beer and blintzes.


Earlier in the day I made almond quinoa muffins, also from veganomicon.  I actually managed to scarf one down for dessert–where did this insane appetite come from?



Last night my friend Katrina came over for dinner.  I cooked millet with tomato and onion and spices, baked tofu, and made a salad with the only salad-like ingredients that I had in the house–lettuce, green tomato and apples.  By the time dinner was ready, I was too hungry to bother with picture taking.  I did however capture the lovely dessert spread that Katrina brought with her–of course that entire plate was devoured.


Maybe this doesn’t quite fit into the October Challenge, but at least I was conscientiously enjoying my meal with the company of others!  Do you have any real food experiences to share?

Two days off from running lead to a fantastic run today after work.  With temperatures on the cool side, I layered up and headed out the door for 5 miles.  If I plan to keep running outside as the temperatures drop, I will need to purchase some warmer running clothes, gloves, and some sort of headband.  This will be my first winter trying to run outside.  Any advice?

With two creative dinners behind me, I had trouble deciding what to make tonight and settled on something quick and easy.  Black beans mixed with left over quinoa thrown on a sandwich with marinated tofu.  Not so exciting.



I wasn’t that hungry and only ate about half of it.  Sometimes I’m starving after a run, and sometimes I am happy with just a couple of snacks.

There was dessert involved, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for more information.


One response to “3 Dinners

  1. i just made green tea cupcakes… matcha powder is expensive. X_x

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