Double Digits

The current weather trends in New York City are harsh.  Beautiful early fall weather has been overcome by cold temperatures, high winds, and freezing rain.  A native Vermonter, I am used to intense weather patterns and extreme cold, but please, can’t we have just a few more crisp sunny fall days?

That being said, I had officially decided to cancel my long run for today.  Instead, I made omelets.  Reviewing my past eating habits, I would say that it has been at least 3 years since I have purchased my own eggs.  But on Saturday at the farmer’s market, I deemed it time to begin experimentation with farm fresh eggs from happy chickens.  Chickens that run free, eat grass and bugs, and are allowed to thoroughly enjoy their chicken lives.  Half a dozen for about $2.50.

To make these very basic omelets (serves one):

Crack 2 eggs into a bowl, but make sure to separate the white from one egg into a separate bowl.  Lightly whisk the eggs with 1 tbs of water and a little salt until just broken up and combined.  Whisk the egg white until frothy.  Melt butter in a pan and pour in the eggs.  Add the egg white and gently whisk.  Cook while lifting the sides of the omelet with a spatula.  When omelet begins to firm, add cheese and fold in half.  Cook for a minute longer to melt the cheese.  That’s it.  All done.

I had no idea how simple it was to cook eggs.


The cheese I used was raw cow’s milk cheese from the farmer’s market.


James was craving mini shell pasta for lunch.  Not wanting to make anything too complex, I cooked whole wheat mini shells and topped them with grated cheese and tomatoes.  Simple but delicious.


And then, after digesting….

I ran 10.2 miles.  So much for this weather keeping me inside.

My apartment to the park–1 mile.  With a high collared long sleeved shirt zipped up to my chin, I had to fight the urge to call this run crazy, turn around, and go home.  I was cold.  Nose running and fingers freezing, I pressed on.

So who runs in the park on a day like today?  Hard core runners (also Eliot Spitzer… we passed each other running in opposite directions.  He smiled politely.  Weird).  Surrounded by speedy men and women in running tights, motivation was around every corner.  Boredom was not a problem.

Tourist activity picked up significantly towards the bottom of the park, but less so than on previous Sundays.  About half way up the East side, I veered to my left, ran up a few stairs, and entered the reservoir path which was 1.58 miles of puddles, mud, and intense wind.  Sounds awful right?  But it was so much fun.  I felt tough and, forgive me, bad ass.  At one point, after successfully hurdling a large puddle, my efforts were cheered by a couple also attempting to avoid the muddy pits.  Nothing better to boost your confidence and drive.

1 + 6 + 1.58 does not = 10.  Wanting to reach that magical double digit, I ran around the reservoir again. Exiting that path, and hitting the pavement again was pure bliss.  I only had about 2 more miles (rough estimation) or so to run.  That last stretch was by far the best.  My pace was fast and automatic.  I could not have slowed down if I wanted to.  The pure joy of knowing that I was about to accomplish something that I had always assumed impossible pushed me to the very last step crossing the arbitrary finish line.

You know what the most painful part of running is?  Stopping.  That is when it hits you.

Stumbling into a small cafe around the corner, covered in mud and wet from a light rain, I met James for a quick and refreshing unsweetened ice tea.  He also surprised me with a chocolate chip cookie that we split.  Awesome post run nourishment.  Needing to gradually cool down my muscles and knowing we still had a mile to walk, we did not sit for very long.  After sitting for a few minutes in a warm cafe, and due to excessive amounts of evaporating sweat, the walk home was freezing.  For this reason, we decided to run the last half mile to our apartment in order to stay warm.

Only 3 more miles to 13.1!

A simple request– If you are a runner and use any sort of gels or goo for nourishment during long runs, please, please, please do not throw the wrappers on the ground.  The road around central park is scattered with colorful fallen leaves which is nice, and littered with similarly sized silver goo packages which is not nice.  Either throw them in a trash can when you pass one, or put them back where they came from.  You had to store them somewhere right?

Post run I came home and stretched until I couldn’t take it anymore, and then washed off the mud.



The October Challenge is so much fun, and it is definitely going to become a permanent ongoing part of my lifestyle.  Tonight I cooked more of my favorite vegetable–swiss chard.

Chard was at the center of this dish with only olive oil, paprika, salt, cranberries, and almonds added.  The recipe is here.


I have a large plate of veggies sitting out in my kitchen, and decided to use the long skinny sweet potatoes that we found at the farmer’s market for sweet potato fries.  Here are the sweet potatoes before:


And after–


With mustard and ketchup.  I am not a ketchup person, but I highly recommend this all natural unsweetened brand.


That’s it for tonight.  Work in the morning.


2 responses to “Double Digits

  1. so Zen …I could not run that far I think so far and so achey and so not Zen…I hope you do not suffer a heart attack … scrambled eggs are also Zen.

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