Personal Half Marathon

What goal have I been working on since June?

Running my own personal half marathon!  I completed the 13.1 miles on Sunday in about 2 hours.

In June, I redirected the priorities in my life to include finding a new job (check), making a conscious decision to eat better (check), and running on a regular basis.  Dedicating so much time to running was challenging at first, especially when a long run was 3 miles and my personal distance record was 5.  8 miles, 10 miles, a half marathon?  Definitely not on my mind.

But running has a funny way of working its way into your life.  One day you are struggling to reach weekly mileage goals.  Superficial goals such as weight loss/maintenance or endurance building provide temporary determination until one day you realize that you are running simply because you love to run.  On that day, I decided that my new personal mileage goal would be 13.1 miles.

So now what?  I want to run a half marathon, but how do I get there?  How do I avoid injury?  Hal Higdon’s novice level half marathon training program is what worked for me.  Flexible and gradual.  Despite being sick for 2 weeks and missing several runs, I made it to my goal, injury free, in about 14 weeks.

Remember how awful the weather was last Sunday?  This Sunday was the exact opposite.  Sun illuminating bright orange leaves that made a striking contrast against the dark brown of twisted tree trunks.  As we push closer to November and on to December, each day like this could be the last; tourists and locals alike, coveting lingering days of warm sunshine, flocked to Central Park.  My route took me 1.1 miles to the park and then around the park twice for 12 more miles.  The second time around was rough, and my hips and knees started to hurt, but I had to finish.  Imagining how I would feel when the run was over, how I would feel upon completing my goal, and just being able to say, “hey, I ran a half marathon,” was enough to keep me going.

Why did I run a half marathon by myself and not sign up for a race?  Most importantly, I had to eliminate any stress and any external motivators that having to run a race would cause.  Too much anxiety when I am running for pure enjoyment.  After that, I had to prove to myself that I actually could run this far before jumping into a race.  However, now I think that I’m ready for my first race since high school.  How does this 15k sound?  December race=cold.  I’m still thinking about it.  Any encouragement is welcome!

Recommended half marathon fuel:


French toast.

The dip included:

  • Grass/insect fed free range chicken eggs from the farmer’s market
  • Almond milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Vanilla

What personal goals have you recently achieved?


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