Adventurous Cooking

The October Challenge and green market shopping have been the perfect motivation to try new fruits and veggies.  Pearly white and about the size of an egg, the slightly sweet flavor and crunchy texture of Japanese turnips make for a root vegetable that is enjoyable to eat even when raw.  However, on Monday I decided to opt for a cooked version–Japanese turnips with bok choy and miso.


I used this recipe from epicurious.


Not a very substantial meal, so I cooked some tofu with nutritional yeast, soy sauce, and red chili flakes.


Still feeling adventurous, I made gnocchi on Tuesday night.  For inexplicable reasons, I was intimidated by making gnocchi, but it is actually very easy.

  • Boil potatoes
  • Cool and remove skins
  • Mash potatoes
  • Add flour and salt, mix well
  • Separate dough into four balls
  • Roll out dough into long “snakes”
  • Cut into 1 inch bits


  • Boil water
  • Cook gnocchi in boiling water for about 2 or 3 minutes, remove with a strainer spoon (do those things have a fancy name?


I made the most basic recipe, but this could be made with endless variations.

Last night?  Not so adventurous.  A simple sandwich with organic cheese–


And my favorite veg–swiss chard–cooked with onion and white wine.


After work yesterday, I came home and plopped my tired body on the couch for an hour while I mindlessly stared at my computer screen, sinking further and further into the cushion and leaving a distinct butt-shaped impression.  Not the best way to spend post-work hours.  So, I peeled myself up and headed back down to Laughing Lotus for an hour and thirty-five minutes of yoga.  Much better.

This specific yoga teacher speaks a lot about really practicing yoga and benefiting from the complete experience.  Yoga is more than just the poses, and it is more than just a workout.  When you are truly practicing yoga, a spiritual element is incorporated.  Spiritual?  Me?  Meditation, worship, devotion, inner light, spirituality.  None of these words are part of my daily life.  But you know what?  I am finding ways to relate some of these teachings to my style of life and thought patterns.  Let me ruminate for a while, and I’ll get back to you.

Running?  Don’t fret.  I am just taking a week off after running 13.1 miles.  This Sunday I am planning on finishing my run free week by watching parts of the NYC marathon.  Can’t wait!


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