Winter Produce

Eating mostly organic, local, and seasonal food during the winter automatically diminishes produce variety.  Hearty root vegetables, tough greens, and bulbous squashes are not in short supply.  As much as I love all of these vegetables, cooking new and creative meals is proving difficult.  What will happen when (if) it really gets cold?

I have been having amazingly good luck with recipes from the New York Times lately.  Many vegetarian options using seasonal produce.  This week–Pasta with kale pesto and roasted butternut squash.  Perfect!

No kale left in the fridge, so I used chard instead.

It may sound and look weird, but this is definitely one of the best non special occasion meals that I have ever made.


Just in case you have been wondering… Yes, I am going to post about Mexico.  In great detail, hence the delay.


We did partner handstands in yoga on Wednesday.  Along with another girl, I was lucky enough (sarcasm) to be chosen to demonstrate the pose (which was completely new to me).  So of course, while the instructor took us through how to get into the pose, how to hold the pose, trouble shooting, what not to do, what to do, and basically each instruction step-by-step, I had to hold the pose.

Upside down, feet propped on my partner’s back while she held downward dog, my entire body began to shake.  The instructor continued on.  Sweat began to drip from my forehead.  The instructor continued on.  My face reddened, my jaw clenched.  The instructor continued on.  One second more and I would have collapsed onto my equally suffering partner, traumatizing both of us.  The instructor finished just before I lost control of my arms, and helped me down.

And that is how I discovered back muscles that I never knew I had.  Good morning soreness.


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