Sugar Cookies

The weirdest search term yet showed up on my blog stats today: “muddy high heels lostin mud”  What?

The first NYC snowfall of the season happened on Saturday night.  I may not be a very sentimental person–I do not look forward to holiday music, my halls are not decked, and as much as I enjoy my yearly advent calendar, 1 window everyday turns into several windows every 3 or 4 days–but snow falling in the city put me in a holiday mood of sorts.  Craving the smell of pine and baked goods, I set to work on a batch of Christmas sugar cookies.

My cooking companion-

If you are looking for a dry rosé, this is it.

My cookbook-

My flour.  This stuff reminds me of home-

After the dough chilled for an hour, I rolled it out onto a piece of parchment paper and got to work cutting out my shapes.  I have no idea where these cookie cutters came from.  Maybe they were stolen from my mom.

Cooling cookies.

That was enough Christmas cheer for one day; the cookies remained unadorned.

There were more than enough to get James through his thesis revisions.

On Sunday, I went for the longest run since my half marathon. 1 mile to the park and the 6 mile loop.  The chilly weather is perfect for running.  And to think that I was worried about running outside in the cold.  Now I am dreading the summer heat.  Ask me again how I feel about running outside when the temperatures really start to drop.

James and I fueled for our run with a salad (lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, oil & vinegar, goat cheese, walnuts) and almond butter and jelly sandwich on peasant sourdough bread.

Mexico will continue tomorrow.


One response to “Sugar Cookies

  1. I recogonize the cookie cutters that I have been searching for…

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