Mexico City: National Museum of Anthropology

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With a nearing 8pm commitment, James and I left the cathedral in search of food.  Curious about each blind corner and long street, James led me down some interesting paths.  Streets littered with vendors, storefronts lined high with merchandise.  Each establishment blaring music and heralding deals in rapid fire Spanish over loud speakers.  The claustrophobia descended.  Noise, people, colors, smells, lights; every sense was overwhelmed.

In the buzz of it all, James managed to spot a flier for a vegetarian restaurant which we just so happened to stumble upon about a half hour later.  Preparing ourselves for another lost in translation moment, we headed into the restaurant.  The waiter immediately understood our language barrier, and brought us two menus in English.  We decided what to order from the English menu, and then pointed to its corresponding item on the Spanish menu.

I ordered a tomato, cheese and avocado sandwich, and James had the BBQ seitan with rice.  We were brought cookies and sweet crackers for dessert before heading back to the Hotel Meliã to catch a bus…

A bus to the famous National Museum of Anthropology.  The museum opened at a special time just for the ethnomusicology conference attendees, and we were excited to view the collection with a relatively limited number of people competing for viewing space.  However, we were sorely disappointed.  Only one exhibit room was open, and all of the conference goers were hearded into this one room.

A necklace of shells–


Original city–

Decorated skull–

And last but not least, the Aztec Sun Stone.

The tongue in the center is in the shape of a sacrificial knife, and the two claws are holding human hearts.

Happy to see the sunstone, but annoyed and once again claustrophobic, James and I saw what we wanted to see, and headed back outside.  The courtyard surrounded by the four walls of the museum is marked by a huge illuminated fountain.  We hung out here for a while before we headed back to the bus.

We met up with Lauren and Matt, ate some delicious veggie pizza, drank some good Mexican beer, and called it a night.


3 responses to “Mexico City: National Museum of Anthropology

  1. The old man is in warmer clims and likes this .Maybe mexico next .He will need a doggie passport.I miss my tacos

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