Burritos and Bread

Burritos are so good.  Many times I have bought tortillas from the grocery store to accompany my well-stocked collection of beans in an attempt to recreate the deliciousness of restaurant burritos.  It fails every time.  The tortillas themselves are always too dry, too thick, and taste too much like stale refrigerator. But tonight I made my own flour tortillas, and that has made all the difference.

The inspiration came from my new favorite recipe blog: Alexandra’s Kitchen.

After mixing the flour, water, salt, and butter, I formed the dough into orange sized balls and let them rest while I prepared burrito fillings.

Then it was tortilla press time.

This tortilla press was a Christmas gift from my auntie, and I used it to shape the balls into flat circles before they were rolled out into large thin tortillas.

Once the tortillas were rolled out, each side was heated in an ungreased pan for about one minute.  The tortillas were soft, warm, pliable, and ready for filling.

Sticking to the basics, I filled each tortilla with vegetarian refried beans and cheese.  Laughing Planet style, I wrapped the burritos in tinfoil, heated them in the oven for 10-15 minutes, and enjoyed with liberal amounts of sour cream.

Wrapping the burritos in tin foil keeps the burritos from drying out in the oven. It also helps keep the filling from gushing out onto your lap as you take your first bite.

Finally, I had a successful burrito making experience… even better than a restaurant.

Confidence inflated by victories in the kitchen, I moved on to another challenge of mine–a fluffy loaf of bread.  Again, I turned to Alexandra’s Kitchen for this recipe.

Dough rising (it started at less than half that size):

A perfectly formed Boule:

Fresh from the oven:

The best results to date:

I think a pizza stone needs to be added to my kitchen wish list.  A metal cookie sheet just isn’t cutting it.


2 responses to “Burritos and Bread

  1. This looks so good!! I’ve never thought of making my own tortillas, hmm…

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