Running with a Soundtrack

Why do I run?

Running is healthy and cheap (seems like a contradiction these days).  Running is an excuse for me to spend time outside, even in the middle of winter.  Running works like a drug, enhancing my overall mood.  Running lets me eat more pizza and drink more beer.

Bear with me here–beyond the physical (metaphysical?), running is my meditation.  I work out the events of my day, and I plan the events of my future.  I consider what to make for dinner and what to wear to work tomorrow.  I relax my shoulders.  I concentrate on my breathing.  And eventually, I reach a point where my mind stops wandering and rests.

I have never felt the need to run with music.  However, ever since traveling downtown in the rain and wind to a tribute show a few weeks ago, I have been on a severe David Bowie kick.  On Sunday, I loaded up my iPod with Ziggy Stardust and headed to the park for a 4 mile run.  Where was my inner voice, reliving the course of my day?  Where was the sound of my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement?  How much farther did I have to run?  Maybe I should just take this shortcut through the woods…

This was one of the most distracted runs of my life.  While my body felt great, running is a mental sport, and I had lost my mind.  I am sorry David Bowie, but from now on I’ll be running alone.

Despite the scattered run, there are always interesting things to see in central park.  This time, enhanced by my private soundtrack, it was a severely obese cat being walked on a leash by a rail-thin old man.  What a pair… even the best of creatures need their exercise.

Yes, even Thandi.


2 responses to “Running with a Soundtrack

  1. “Running lets me eat more pizza and drink more beer.”

    Amen! Same reason I walk the dog, bike to work and chop firewood!

  2. Thandi could stand a little run

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