Mexico City: Final Night

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We spent our final night in Mexico City happily wandering the streets searching for a place to eat.  These miniature doves were content to scavenge among small pebbles, bottle caps, and discarded q-tips, but we were looking for something slightly less… trashy.

Perhaps China Town?  Yes, even Mexico City has a China Town.

China Town was a serious dinner contender, but we were a little worried by the lack of any actual Chinese people, or any people of Asian descent for that matter.  Maybe Chinese-Mexican food would have been fabulous, but we decided to continue our search.

Our exit from China Town was a bit more abrupt than it would have been due to a sweet potato vendor pushing an oven on wheels which emitted a blaring steam-whistle siren to announce his presence.  Presence noted.

Even though it was November in NYC, it was hard to think about purchasing a sweater in the pleasant warmth of Mexico City.

For a few moments, we considered skipping dinner and going straight to dessert.  Wedding cake?

In the end, the two weary tourists chose a safe and comfortable option on a trip otherwise filled with risk taking–a place called Pizza n’ Love.  James and I ordered a bottle of red wine and sat at the bar where we were able to watch the master chef creating our caprese salad and pizza.  The food was great, the wine was good for the price, and we were happy.  With just enough energy left, we made it back to the hostel, packed up our suitcases and fell into bed.

The next day, we waited to eat lunch until we reached the airport.  Being airport food, lunch was mostly forgettable except for this amazingly good prickly pear, cilantro, cucumber juice.

Making the same face as the cow in the previous photo–

Five and a half hours later, we were back in NYC.

James and I travel together as much as we can.  I have been to all but 5 of the continental states, James lived in South Africa for 3 months in 2003, we visited Nova Scotia and road tripped to Key West in 2004, traveled to Ireland in 2006 for my college graduation, drove across the southwest and up the coast of California for our honey moon, and have driven across the country a total of 3 times.  Traveling is expensive, so we live as frugally as possible.  Our biggest expense besides Manhattan rent is food.

So where are we going next?  Vietnam and Japan in July/August!


One response to “Mexico City: Final Night

  1. Doves,cows and China Town…humanity follows you everywhere

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