Fresh Pasta

Until quite recently, my pasta came from a box.  Like oatmeal, cheese, and energy bars, pasta requires little thought and preparation.  And then one day, I tasted fresh pasta.  Made by a real person and a simple pasta machine.  And now I know that the best pasta never comes from a box.

Last week, inspired by this recipe from the New York Times, I decided to make my own buckwheat pasta.

Fresh pasta is labor intensive.  But the actual recipe is quite simple.  Buckwheat flour and white flour mixed in a large bowl.  Form a crater in the middle of the flour and fill with cracked eggs.  Slowly beat eggs, mixing in more and more flour.  You will be left with a smooth and firm ball of dough.

Now for the hard part… the pasta machine.

It would have been impossible to roll the entire ball of dough through the machine, so I started with smaller pieces.

Next I rolled the dough through the machine several times, moving to a smaller gauge with each pass.  As you do this, the dough gets thinner, but it also gets longer.  Maneuvering can be a challenge, and by the last crank through, I was using the entire length of my arm to support the soon to be pasta.

When the dough was thin enough, I cut it into a linguine shape.

Finally, you must let the pasta dry.  If not, you will end up with a mushy doughy mess of wet pasta.  There are racks sold especially for drying pasta, but a laundry rack was the cheapest and most efficient option.

I let the pasta dry for about an hour, threw it into a pot of boiling water for a few minutes until al dente and mixed with kale, cheese, and other various flavors.

I am going to brag a little bit–this was the best pasta ever.  Better than any restaurant.

The only issue is finding enough time in a day to get through the entire pasta making process.

Notice the yellow melting chunks of cheese?  Seconds were enjoyed.


2 responses to “Fresh Pasta

  1. Woah, that looks awesome! I don’t know why, but the pasta machine looks kinda…cute. I’ve always wondered about pasta and why mine always came out of a package.

  2. Yum!! I’ve been wanting to make fresh pasta but am not sure when I’ll find the time – or space in my teeny kitchen!

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