A Photo Essay

A month away through photographic catharsis.

Squares of chocolate,

finely chopped,

mixed with milk and eggs and sticks of butter among other sweet comestibles,

provided full ramekins of silky pudding.

3 ramekins later,

guilt permeating my mind, I vowed to find a healthier pudding recipe for daily weekly consumption.  Avocado pudding complete with almond butter and agave nectar is not as silky smooth as double chocolate death pudding, but I assure you, it is delicious.

An apathetic occasional soup consumer, this month I learned how to cook and Love Soup.

Soup has become a weekly staple.  Green soup with sweet potato and sage, garnished with olive oil.  The secret to really good soup, no matter what?  Lemon juice, right before the soup has finished.

I can’t spend all of my time eating, and I was lucky enough to have a ticket for the opening night of The Nose at the Met.  Photo taking is illegal, but the propaganda-esque setting demanded a stealthy iphone shot.

It was a month of spring days and wind storms.  We remained huddled inside with our soup and pudding during umbrellageddon, and took full advantage of NYC parks on the unseasonably warm days.

Fort Tryon park picnic.

Milkshakes in Inwood.

Squirrel lunch in Inwood Hill park.

Hiding ducks, same park.

I continued to experiment with my favorite cookbook, Lucid Food.

The world’s best granola:

Golden beet and barely risotto:

James and I spent far too much money participating in the 3D movie craze.  We saw Alice in Wonderland.  So bad, no words, don’t go.

Anticipating fresh spring greens, I made herbed vinegar for salad dressing.

Fill a jar with herbs (in this case basil and thyme),

boil the vinegar and add to the jar.  Allow it to sit for two weeks.  Use as desired.

Another warm day meant rhubarb spritzer.  Boil the rhubarb in water and strain into a pitcher

Pour over ice, add spritzer and a sprig of mint, garnish with strawberries.


Also from Lucid Food–Watercress and Enoki Mushroom salad.

On the nice days, it has been very hard to stay inside, so James and I spent even more time in Morningside Park photographing signs of spring.

And we always came home to more food.  Lemon Bars.


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