Rhubarb Cake

Bebop-a-rebop rhubarb pie.

I’m just not that into pie (unless it’s a warm slice of Oregon marion berry pie).  I am also an indifferent strawberry consumer.  I’ll eat them if they are in front of me (and covered in chocolate), but I will never choose strawberries over another fruit, and I avoid anything strawberry flavored.  No strawberry-rhubarb pie here, please.

James says: Rhubarb is expensive.

Instead of going with the traditional pie, I decided to try out a recent recipe for Country Rhubarb Cake that was part of a New York Times article on Ireland’s culinary heritage.  Recipe here, article here.

The recipe definitely needs more buttermilk than is called for in order to make the cake-like dough hold together.  Wanting to avoid making this at all resemble a pie, I slightly changed the last step.  Instead of using a round baking dish and rolling out the dough to line the bottom of the dish, I pressed half of the dough into a small rectangular pan, poured on the rhubarb chunks and plenty of sugar, and pressed the remaining dough on top to form a layer cake.

A slice with homemade vanilla whipped cream:

The best cake that I have ever made.  Obviously:

James says: It was worth it.


2 responses to “Rhubarb Cake

  1. Oh, yum! I’ve only discovered rhubarb in the last year – though I do like it with strawberries. ;) This looks excellent though, worth giving it a shot on its own!

  2. I adore rhubarb pie! If you have any leftover you should try making this rhubarb jam! It’s probably the easiest thing I have ever made- it only has 3 ingredients!

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